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Practical athletic car- - sea horse 3 [graph] city of _ Sichuan car is commented
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Have a special liking to the car of athletic style all along, the plan that buy a car also planned very long, I dream to come true eventually before two months, the campaign that had oneself drive -- sea horse 3 motion edition.

Choose sea horse 3 motion edition, because it provides wallop and the external form that motion feels extremely,be: Before face very handsome, the headlight before the titanium of 3 barrel is grey is sharp; The car is pressed below head line, bumper is outstanding, form a sharp crest line, to the person one kind does not restrain the sense that should develop forth; Line of automobile body waist is very fluent, as if outspread in the infinite space to car hind same, let a person generate the impulse that wants to gallop in spite of oneself; Place of 3 common edition does not have sea horse side skirt and empennage, athletic individual character more highlight; Powerful of hub of aluminium alloy of 16 concise inches of 5 spoke is strong, again " wear " wide embryo of on 205 high flat rate, sea horse 3 very outstanding already motion temperament are more apparent, stand before it, athletic imposing manner comes with respect to blow on the face. Sit into the car, the athletic interior trim that red black moves is to be just as the blaze that is full of passion to make a person boiling more, as a result cannot help thinking with it an as much as one likes gallops.

Nowadays, my sea horse 3 motion edition had run 3000 kilometers, just passed head protect, be adjusted so that had been handy. During this besides outside the You Yi on lane of urban main street, still had gone up a few times airport high speed, made me sufficient experience sea horse the athletic passion of 3. Might as well here when communicating me to be contacted intimately with it with everybody experience.

3 motion edition holds sea horse accuse a respect to did not say, namely " motion " . Especially chassis, hear special consult the standard of cycle racing has become air officer, quite solid. Independent suspension is the most advanced design in the car that be the same as class allegedly after 4 connecting rod, be being used is handy really, damping is pretty good, the small hole that should go up to road surface at ordinary times is very relaxed, when high speed has ground decelerate to take, pass into cockpit shake not big also, repass cushion filters, very small also to the passenger's influence. When high speed breaks off a turn, although automobile body also has list, but the power propping up that chassis gives is enough, control list inside the limits that can accuse, because this is OK,give the person that drive enough hope. The tigidity of automobile body is very good, automobile body is composed, it is the circumstance in high speed hurricane falls to feel to wave not at all. For intermediate to a motile car, this or fact return to the name.

The motivation of 3 behaves sea horse to also make me satisfactory, especially expression of oily bad news. Although be sea horse the engine of own research and development, but function is hit not at all fold. Most high-power achieves 90KW, the biggest torque achieves 160N.M, and still from the characteristic of tall torque of low rotate speed that day acceded to fasten car engine model over there Ma Zida. Idle fast when very quiet, travel of fortune of low rotate speed is smooth, but be not Chang Youjin, if,hang first gear accelerator bang bit more greatly, can feel the clear sense that turn a back, and accelerator had, very acute. On rotate speed 3000 later, of engine haggard show came out, the motivation with constant in a steady stream is billowy and come, person and car are quickening the instant to bear down on excited dot. Because engine of rich world EMS runs a system, cooperate VIS adjustable the system that take energy of life, because the section of this engine is oily very can outstanding. Ran 3000 much kilometers, the actual performance of 3 lets sea horse I am done not have completely " ride oily tiger " feeling, adjust period afterwards average ability of every 100 kilometers burns 7.8 oil, very make me gratified.
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