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F6 sends Biyadi force 08 fall car city [graph] city of _ Sichuan car is commente
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As Jin Jiuyin 10 traditions sell the arrival of busy season, originally with respect to undercurrent billowy in advanced car market, more became each car manufacturer " close-fitting fight hand-to-hand " the ground. The intense competition that accompanying Xin Yage, Kaimeirui, new sounds of nature, through appearing on the market half an year is adjusted period F6 begins Biyadi hair force 08 fall car city, big shop sign of this 3 big edge tool and tradition contends for the good market public praise that place of two faithful users accumulates advantage of support product value, configuration and Biyadi relative superiority or inferiority.


National Day buys a car mid-autumn, 10-15 10 thousand remain consumptive main force

All the time since, of China in advanced car market is occupied by force by joint-stock brand place, relative to the brand at higher-priced, 200 thousand yuan of right-and-left model such as elegant cabinet, Kaimeirui most consumer place favour. The expert thinks, be in in in the competitive process of advanced car city, value strategy will be edge tool of competition of own brand first-rate. As Jin Jiuyin the arrival of city of 10 gold car, f6 is sure to launch openly engage in a battle with these models.

It is reported, the price that F6 ties completely is in 8.98, one hundred and fifty-nine thousand eight hundred between, this price that has market power extremely makes rectify therein 100 thousand yuan or so are pulled below limousine car market level, to mid-autumn, during National Day be about to for the market that to the limit of one's capacity increases, it is one erupts undoubtedly the interval that the gender grows. Especially the 2.4L of F6 is exalted model the biggest to the wallop of the market, the price of one hundred and twenty-six thousand eight hundred comparatives with a common and intermediate car only, and double safe gasbag, muti_function steering wheel, the configuration such as dial of automatic glow appearance and dynamoelectric defrost however everything needed is ready, add the exterior of large size and commodious space, win customer love comfortable sense in.

Triumphant low cost of F6 of triumphant overflow law is high enjoy

F6 is to develop those who hit the cut into a mountain of advanced car market to make, more bear is worn the double task that car quality and brand promote Biyadi. Biyadi ever expressed, f6 is all previous classics 5 years road of 5000 inn of service of 500 50 development, impact test, sales, engineers, 500 thousand kilometer tries with great concentration to make. Accordingly, its casting high quality high-powered what will make concussion market is important " nuke " , the character figure of advanced car city in also will establishing own brand to be in at the same time.
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