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Lucky star of intermediate car sea, nimble amounts to 60 thousand yuan of introd
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Buy car first selection as average household, introductory class is intermediate the key region that car market is the competition on car city all the time, also be the contends for surely ground of every manufacturer almost. On July 29, edition of happiness of sea lucky star appears on the market, farther aggravate the market competes. Regard main force of market of 60 thousand yuan of intermediate cars as the model, hai Fuxing is sure to be amounted to with nimble of old brand cacique, force of new fighting spirit Biyadi F3 is formed on intermediate car market " tripartite confrontation of the Three Kingdoms " posture.

Hai Fuxing wins in integrated quality

Under photograph comparing, what doesn't Hai Fuxing have it seems that the most outstanding sell a site, but the excellent performance that waits for a respect in craft character, security, economy makes Hai Fuxing becomes car city to go up " completely prepotent " .

Sea horse car is having the cooperative experience that is as long as 15 years with Ma Zida, meantime accumulates those who fell to abound to make car experience. Although Hai Fuxing is an own brand intermediate car, having the character safeguard that rivals joint-stock car however. Good craft quality, strict truckload operating ring section, those who assured lucky star of each Taiwan Strait is high quality.

System of sexual automobile body, MAIDAS is in the 3H Gao Gang that Hai Fuxing has in be the same as level product, can saying is develop a school of one's own, combinative ABS EBD, safe gasbag, prevent side to bump into protective bridge to wait advocate, passive and safe device was to give a car more advocate caress all-aroundly.

Climb ceaselessly in oil price those who rise today, hai Fuxing's excellent division oily performance more show an advantage. The motor that Hai Fuxing uses intelligence to change controls module (ECU) , system of spray of closed-loop control report, order ignites oily spray system, MVV more (perpendicular backset lean mixture combustion) the oily technology of 4 political integrity such as the technology, accomplished Hai Fuxing to argue the core dominant position of the model relative to Yu Jing. And the new technology of these high-tech, pass on consumer body to go up, the directest echo saves oil namely. Academic oil bad news of Hai Fuxing is 5.0L/100Km, and in be being used actually, the oily bad news of cruise of high speed of sea lucky star and academic oil bad news are very adjacent, also make Hai Fuxing's economy got strong factual basis thereby.

Element of sea horse car has " intermediate car expert " title, the Hai Fuxing that regards sea horse brunt as one of products, having superior always market performance, price of high quality, tall sex is the economy of 323, more reliable than be being amounted to oneself plus inheritance horse characteristic, make integrated quality tower above of Hai Fuxing directly. In whole of market of near future car low fan when, hai Fuxing still can last the lunar sales volume of 6000 above, also make Hai Fuxing had his blue sea blue sky on the intermediate car market in competitive cruelty stage by stage.
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