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Sea of Shanghai China general still pounds market of car of 1.3L is small quanti
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Climb continuously in oil price litre, solid inflict of new consumption tax and each district " put small " below the circumstance that policy publishs, the small quantity car with small amount of oil of low-cost, bad news is making car city main trend, but space of the small model that discharge an amount the inadequacy such as on the low side of narrow-minded of narrow, appearance, safety performance, also make a lot of consumer flinch when the choice. Current, the new N3 of the active on the small market that discharge an amount cloud that be like a banner, new antelope, Xiali characteristic that has each each, but cannot avoid afore-mentioned common fault.

In September 2008, the sea that Shanghai China general rolls out still 1.3L, already served limited company to appear on the market successfully in Xin of Sichuan of the Chengdu City and easy car, slam the door of with one action is small measure a lot of inadequacy of the car, wait for the advantage that intermediate car just has with the air exterior, space that cross level, luxurious configuration, comprehensive safe bodyguard, explain 1.3L car idea afresh, with " unrestrained and far -ranging lives to still " life new position, market of car of puissant concussion 1.3L.

Above all, only dekko sea still the exterior of 1.3L, can bring very big surprise to consumer. This car has the air outward appearance of extraordinary, the integral type big grille that uses international popularity is designed, classical style, high air and do not lose fashionable sense; Fruity and fluent rear structure, advantageous elegance, to it around reflect, one integrated mass. Line of whole automobile body is concise and hale, spell able and atmosphere, no matter family expenses business is used, all highlight everybody air, reveal extraordinary bearing.

The small car that discharge an amount another characteristic is a space small, a lot of economy car buys housekeeping money, a few are squeezed together, the compact and oppressive feeling on the space, the feeling is very uncomfortable. The sea still 1.3L is having 2540 millimeter to cross class wheelbase, wide 1710/ of car height 4435/ is tall 1430 millimeter, surmounted pattern of space of the car that be the same as class apparently, complementary sunken type is designed inside the back after discharging seat before, interior space is more capacious, take more comfortable. 520 litres exceed big boot volume, back row seat bolts after type fold, can use a space to be able to achieve 1200 litres. How, dimensional problem also was solved!

1.3L model

The sea still

Banner cloud

New antelope

Xiali new N3

Li Fan is new 520

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