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A week of case of market price of 09.08-09.14 Sichuan car signs up for [graph] w
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If say the Mid-autumn Festival is a longing, it is the harmony of a kind of reunion. The car of international of the 11st Chengdu that began that on September 20 is exhibited even if a royal celebration, the car dispatch that the car model of vogue of the racing bike that when standing, you go to appreciation passion of extravagant and luxurious car, speed, ghosts, insanity depreciates. . . . . . This at the same time the car is exhibited, network of car of our Pacific Ocean will be participated in with brand-new attitude among them, we expect to exhibit media division in the car (an exhibition hall) the encountering with you.

This week has 4 new cars to put a car on city again, it is Biyadi respectively hand of edition of two drive city moves this F0, cropland CR-V block, 09 power annals and 2.4EX Navi of the 8th acting elegant cabinet.

The star that this week depreciates - one steam gallops

One steam car

Directive price

4S inn preferential price

Favourable extent


12.98-20.88 10 thousand

11.98-17.88 10 thousand

10000-30000 yuan

Tabulation: Sichuan car network 43qc.com

Element has " Chang Hui king " the one steam that say gallops, just lifted to gallop in August fall continuously the sale upsurge of 24 thousand. In September, one steam gallops relax for the client again favourable measure, let a client enjoy international car to exhibit privilege period ahead of schedule, whole department is highest and favourable 30000 yuan. Gallop car security is outstanding, exterior air, interior space the comfortable sex with capacious, all ready, good function, motivation sexual price is compared and all all highlight! Those who face oil price is swift and violent rise, one steam gallops " the platoon quantity of 2, oily bad news of 1.6 " it is to gallop glamour place! Also be the strongest evidence that numerous consumer preference gallops!

Economy car market

Numerous peaceful 2008

Directive price

4S inn preferential price

Favourable extent

1.3L standard type

Fifty-five thousand eight hundred

Forty-nine thousand nine hundred

5900 yuan

1.3L vogue

Fifty-seven thousand eight hundred

Fifty-three thousand nine hundred
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