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Biyadi F0: New generation is gotten army small litter [graph] city of _ Sichuan
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  On September 2, biyadi F0 vigor appears on the market, price is thirty-six thousand nine hundred, forty-six thousand nine hundred. Absorb Europe adequately as element of the most popular design, gather together international is classical tide, what safety configures sex of motivation of all ready, give attention to two or morethings and fuel sex is energy-saving model car, biyadi made long careful preparation for F0.


As or from " of national consumption tax big spread is small " after policy is carried out the first those who appear on the market is energy-saving model car, f0 is the first touchstone of automobile industry, it is the market performance model that Biyadi gives great expectations, hopeful becomes Chinese new generation to get army small litter.

What what we see no less than is same, leave small qualitative car, meet the car new era that actors or actress at high price character, it is public opinion place not merely to, be consumer more expect. The F0 that the car makes Biyadi meticulously gave us such hope, so, how will it show itself new surveyor's pole of establish small litter, " vogue of style JUST COOL 0 be short of regret " does the concept undertake after all? Let us see it differ in the car that be the same as class now before expression.

   Provide the fashionable design of European style most

F0 absorbs Biyadi Europe's most popular design element, gather together international is classical tide. F0 is truckload line is fluent, around echo, bring out the best in each other. The face before U cruel and clever earthnut form headlight is perfect and tie-in, to truckload pound with strong visual sense. Plait type antenna assured the signal of high fidelity already, coordinate with lovely model collocation again, add a few minutes lovely. Automobile body rear is moved feel and do not break sedate, high pressure changes door of the end after the whole form of characters or letters of processing into profiled bar, the design is fashionable, clarity of line of sight. The DIY of individual character of automobile body around is designed, practical save worry. If prevent attrition to surround horny design, need only when producing slight clash simple and easy disassemble change can.

   History go up engine of the most powerful environmental protection of A00 class complete aluminium

The BYD371QA that F0 carries is high-powered engine of completely aluminous environmental protection, it is power of domestic A00 scale the strongest, most the engine of environmental protection, platoon quantity is 1.0L, raise power target outstanding, broke through 50kW, to car of an A00 class, its motivation is behaved already special grab an eye. And its 100 kilometers oily bad news is 4.2L only, discharge reach Europe IV level. F0 is in this respect is undoubted race to control commanding elevation.
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