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Both sides PK of 4 oily bad news of fact of small Long Zhen [graph] city of _ Si
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  Both sides car gets the favour of young customer, not only because of slam the door the modelling with 3 side formalist car, take out rear makes truckload become more fashionable and lively, catered to aesthetic idea of the youth, have again even if both sides car is in China is small quantity is given priority to, the car of both sides car advocate it is duty field new personality more very or a few young husband and wife that just married, buy appear more sensible on the car, but those who buy a car to consider is sexual price is compared, but oversight of a lot of people used cost namely, namely what we say compare with valence.
Of the car of = of lifelong use cost of car the first time purchase other charge of + of maintenance expenses of + of expenses of cost + lifelong fuel - car damage value. The lifelong use cost that we want calculative to compare = car with valence / car the first time purchase the value.

Of car the first time the directive value that purchases the price to be announced with each manufacturer is accurate, car damage value concerns a provision according to the country, purchase the 5% computation of the price according to car. What do not decide here basically is the lifelong fuel expenses of car and maintenance expenses. Actually in the final analysis, still be oily bad news. Of international crude price continuously violent wind rises, chinese oil price also rises stage by stage, oily bad news more and more get the attention of consumer, became consumer to buy a car the condition of first consideration.

The author covered both sides car 4 small dragon -- Polo, HRV, black horse amount to and the car of F3R advocate people, be compared actually with theirs with car oily bad news go all out after all which car more be economical.

Polo strong feeling price of guidance of government of edition of 1.6L automatic fashion: One hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred
The manufacturer announces actual 8.6L of 5.7L (of oily bad news of 100 kilometers lowest)

Polo 7500 kilometer changes charge of filter of engine oil machine is 270 yuan probably, filter of machine of 15000 kilometers engine oil and change charge of benzine filter core is 540 yuan probably, 30000 kilometers change on original basis charge of air filter core is 700 yuan probably, add heart department car spare parts is taller, somebody makes fun of the cost that says to raise Polo is even higher than raising Ao Di. Calculate come down, 60000 kilometers upkeep cost exceeds 4000 yuan.

Triumphant jump over HRV1.6L price of guidance of government of edition of automatic and comfortable motion: One hundred and twenty-three thousand eight hundred
The manufacturer announces actual 11L of 6.5L(of oily bad news of 100 kilometers lowest)

Triumphant jump over HRV common to say " oily tiger " , the likelihood is the common fault of beautiful department car. Is its upkeep cost so tall also? Below our analysis: Head protect for 5000 kilometers, every 5000 kilometers maintain later. 4, 45 thousand kilometer is protected greatly, protect need to change greatly core of filter of oil of core of filter of engine oil machine, air conditioning filter, air filter core, brake, benzine, turn to the oil that help strength and antifreeze, the core of air conditioning filter of HRV of maintenance technician introduction, gear-box changes when 60000 kilometers are protected greatly, calculate come down, upkeep cost also needs 4000 above.
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