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Car look forward to how decisive battle terminal [graph] city of _ Sichuan car i
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  As the end of the Olympic Games, get warm again after a cold spell of car market hopeful, the pace that new car of each car manufacturer puts in also is accelerated somewhat, car market will greet the small climax that a new car appears on the market in September, but the product on the market is at present coessential change serious, of new car appear on the market, can draw the attention that consumes the market temporarily admittedly, but deny can cure 7, the sale is gloomy August the hard injury that leaves to car manufacturer, still be an interrogation.

So car manufacturer should choose what means to stimulate car city after all, increase car sales volume? As " Jin Jiuyin 10 " arrival, a lot of manufacturer begin to use the price this stock-in-trade, namely great war of so called price, indicate 3.07 million yuan of favourable great gift bag, old Fox are 08 Fox open circuit, not hesitate highest depreciate 15 thousand yuan, all sorts of favourable forms are like eye of the chaos like numerous flower, but to car look forward to character, in face cost pressure while it seems that already ability not equal to one's ambition, lift in order to hit price war will prop up also is not advisability any more.

Those who face price measure is helpless, of new car coessential change the trend, this adopts poor dissimilation to compete in terminal with respect to need car company, attract customer, enlarge the market to have thereby rate. The sale skill contest that car of near future sea horse holds, have to say the way that is path of an additional monarch.

Contest of skill of so called sale, it is the appraise through comparison that car company undertakes selling skill and service mastery of a skill or technique to terminal salesperson, before carrying game, groom, the professional technical ability that the method such as the drive after match aggrandizement, contest enhances a salesperson, will improve the quality of before-sales service with this, raise customer satisfaction to spend, facilitate finally sale. Such, can satisfy the consumer understanding to product knowledge, comparative requirement through professional solution not only; Also be a kind of kind that the enterprise serves a talent to foster to terminal sale, however, those who let manufacturer easy gains is these recessive accrual not merely, sales volume also can promote subsequently.

Car company sells skill to rise ceaselessly for noumenal terminal with consumer, with more specialization, more comprehensive the sale that turn seeks advice from a service, let consumer trusts more and be depended on, build a long-term communication opportunity with consumer thereby, also achieved promotion market to own rate and brand at the same time famous spent action.

Regard the sea horse that has joint-stock background as the car, product alignment is ceaseless and rich, the sale skill contest that holds this, sea horse car is in the make an issue of of the first link that contacts with consumer, exert oneself promotes the salesperson's major knowledge and integrated skill, aim to be offerred for the client more the service with standard essence, strengthen with consumer between benign and interactive. Its contest faces whole nation of sea horse car to sell the sale adviser that serves store each, content includes knowledge of car ABC, product, major to sell skill, standard to sell technological process (GTS) , knowledge of sea horse after service and society are integrated knowledge, main around for example how normative user just can use a detail of more satisfactory and basic service to the reception of inn, promote brand attention to spend thereby.
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