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Reason watchs oily bad news oily competence of intermediate car division compare
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  How much does oil price want to go up after all after the Olympic Games? Became streets and lanes to heat up the topic that discuss temporarily. And for the customer that buys to holding money to wait for, fuel economy is the crucial factor that chooses a vehicle undoubtedly. Go up in the light of the market even more intense reduce oily cost appeal to beg, manufacturer also made a text on economy in succession, perhaps roll out new model to perhaps improve old model to cater to the demand of the market. Face make a person dazzling market information, consumer people should make why to choose? Below, we are chosen in the mainstream gallop on intermediate car market old " new 3 appearance " -- blessing beauty comes, Xin Kai is jumped over, Yue is moved for the delegate, for you analysis of one by one issues their respective section oily competence.

   Beauty of sea horse blessing comes an oily pioneer

Beauty of sea horse blessing comes to what can says to oil can be saved most in these 3 cars, also be giant " new 3 appearance " user group what agree with consistently. Since appear on the market, blessing beauty comes with remarkable fuel economy celebrated, oily bad news of 100 kilometers theory only 5.0L, acting the part of oily pioneer of the section in intermediate laager battalion all the time.

Blessing beauty will use Japanese horse to amount to former outfit to import ZMD engine oneself as core power, locomotive smooth-going, reliable, it is the key that it saves oil. ZMD engine uses assembly of PCM unifinication motivation to control module, ignite the advanced science and technology such as oily eject more, have distinctive VICS the alterable and inertial technology that take energy of life, long intake duct is used when low speed travel, short intake duct is used when high speed travel, in an attempt to achieves the optimal efficiency that take energy of life below different rotate speed, develop engine property adequately, promotion is truckload dynamical performance.

Car engine falls in lower rotate speed, if can output bigger torque opposite more the province is oily, and the engine of low speed tall torque that the engine that blessing beauty comes to is a model, can be in in engine most when high-power and peak value of output of the biggest torque, maintain the rotate speed with low to be being compared for class car together photograph, division oily performance is unusually so excellent.

In addition, the figure that blessing beauty comes to is in the car that be the same as class more slender, if blessing beauty comes,1.6GLX hand is moved comfortable model weight 1180 kilograms, compared Xin Kai jumps over 1.6LX-MT hand to move 1250 kilograms of standard edition, yue moves 1236 kilograms of 1.6GL MT, give 70 kilograms gently to mix 56 kilograms respectively, this also is an element that it saves oil.
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