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Oath of new generation sounds of nature seizes champion of Chengdu car city [gra
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  On September 19, after those who experienced 13 4 months, cities is itinerary, east wind day is produced exhibit in Chengdu car -- the controls an officer station that new international exhibition center of century city • received whole nation of new generation sounds of nature to taste ancient bronze mirror to meet. Depend on off-season in August sale 7070, the of before advanced car city 3 superior performance in ascend body, east wind day produces market department chief to express, in sounds of nature of advanced car city's most dazzling star new generation will establish by right of oneself " comfortable king " in Chengdu of concussion of value new surveyor's pole champion of advanced car sales volume.

   New sounds of nature

0 distances experience " comfortable king "

To reflect the attention of pair of Chengdu car city, east wind day is produced carry whole department product to appear on Chengdu car to exhibit, it is at the same time " comfortable king " -- new generation sounds of nature spent a body to make a technology experience an area, invite an audience 0 distances unscramble new sounds of nature adequately to embark " DVC980 " technical equipment. According to introducing, "DVC980 " it is the netizen induces to new sounds of nature the technical window that come out, also be " comfortable king " the technology of backside props up: "D " it is to show car of van of delegate whole world is highest D platform of the level, was born on this platform the world name car such as ALTIMA, MAXIMA, MURANO, new sounds of nature also was obtained accordingly surmount the technical capital that is the same as scale model. "V " it is the V6 engine that points to only in the car that be the same as class equipment. The engine of the 4th acting VQ that new sounds of nature carries ever was obtained 14 years continuously " Word ' S Auto World " " the whole world 10 beautiful engine award " , celebrated with running oil of smooth-going, driving province. "C " it is to point to system of infinitely variable speeds of CVT of intelligence of new generation X-TRONIC, it uses formula of movable mould of 6 fast hands (apply to 2.5L and above all level) , your car advocate what enjoy CVT already is comfortable and smooth drive accuse to experience, the drill that can experience the hand stirs file again accuses fun, save oil than common and automatic archives 15% above. And " 980 " those who point to is new sounds of nature the 980MPa that takes the lead in using in be the same as level car exceeds strong rolled steel, this kind of rolled steel is used at war industry domain only commonly, for instance the raw material of nuclear-powered submarine crust, have transcend strong tough gender.

   New sounds of nature
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