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A week of case of market price of 09.15-09.21 Sichuan car signs up for [graph] w
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  International car exhibits Chengdu to be in of like a raging fire undertake, after appreciating sweet car beauty, the activity of favourable sales promotion that we review this week to happen again.

   The depreciate star of this week - import Xue Tielong

Chengdu international car is exhibited be about to begin, the car that become iron takes out the greatest good faith to pass on consumer. This day rises, into iron car east wind Xue Tielong imports a car to fasten favourable action to begin, highest fall depreciate extent is as high as 50 thousand yuan. This the activity included to import C4 and C5 two cars are, it is the entrance model with at present main dragon of iron of east wind snow. The car that become iron borrows a car to exhibit an opportunity to undertake making benefit favourable to importing a car, the friend that have fun at mights as well the car is exhibited look around seek advice.

   Mini car market

To cooperate Chengdu international car was exhibited in September and " 11 " National Day big holiday, strange luck manufacturer is fervent publishing Xin Qiyun 1.5L is to depreciate completely activity, highest fall 5000 yuan, forty-nine thousand eight hundred can come home with opening 1.5L banner cloud, and order civilized. Of this one favourable policy come on stage, attack great favorable opposition the market value of car of Chengdu class A again surely, and break through the lowest of model of 1.5L platoon volume buy a doorsill, let class A car enter interval of 40 thousand yuan of price. This second depreciate for government of strange luck company, the favourable strength that can say cloud of will new standard fell nadir.

   Economy car market

08 Polo

Manufacturer guidance price

4S inn preferential price

Favourable extent

1.4 hands change strong feeling fashionable edition

Ninety thousand eight hundred

85 thousand

5000 yuan

Tabulation: Network of Pacific Ocean car - Sichuan divides station Sc.pcauto.com.cn

08 POLO series lifts hurricane of culminating sales promotion again between car exhibition period, POLO fastens highest privilege completely 10000 yuan of cash. Use the privilege that has 10 thousand yuan like CrossPolo-1.6L hand, and 1.4L hand changes Polo strong feeling fashionable edition has 5000 yuan privilege at present.

Exhibit to back the Chengdu international car this year, pass on broad consumer, beautiful 307 cars are exhibited offer car price minimum especially ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, drop first defeat 100 thousand yuan!

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