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"4 small dragon " : Of the both sides of 3 home anthology [graph] city of _ Sich
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  Both sides car " 4 small dragon " the formulation begins to appear from last year about, although later 3 side car depreciates next pressing, have again fly newly degree, the strong opponent such as Yalishi is killed blast in, but Biyadi F3R, black horse amount to, Polo, triumphant the position that exceeds HRV as before cannot shake, especially since F3R automatic edition enters town, sales volume is to be climbed successively more rise. Because of car of these a few big wing-rooms on either side of one storey house clench China buys car brunt -- the money bag of 3 home. Market research report, the consumptive demand of 3 home basically centers in: The respect such as space, motivation, sweet service, "4 small dragon " all have in this a few respects but the place of punctuate.

   Space: 3 home can buy a car to play cruel unlike cheesy lone noble, a 3 helper that what the mouth wants is an able fact thing, want to be able to install a person to hold thing more, in order to satisfy whole family ride instead of walk, outing, shop wait for multinomial demand.

Black horse amount to " big " celebrated long already, long 4250 millimeter, wide 1695 millimeter, tall 1535 millimeter, its space got be admissived extensively. In this respect, f3R has so that go all out. Want to know, f3R automatic edition is in " wide comfortable " go up to also be done sufficient kongfu, f3R is 100 thousand yuan of internal shaft are apart from the biggest, hind end case is the biggest, before the both sides car with the longest cabin. The F3 of sales volume king of this model and Biyadi is the same as platform to produce, the space does not lose car of a few 3 side even. Grow 2600mm of 4325mm, wide 1705mm, tall 1490mm, wheelbase, and of 360L exceed big hind end box, the needs a flower idea that can see stylist is the home that takes care of 3.

   Motivation: 3 home to them drive do not seek power very " overbearing " , but beg abundant, oily bad news also is this kind of consumer reachs what its take seriously on one hand, motivation, oily bad news double winning is most consumer pursuit " kingcraft " .

The motivation of F3R and province oil are having good public praise between consumer all the time, reflected the integrated dominant position of own brand. F3R hand moves what archives uses is the 4G15S of 3 water chestnut that obtains pulling force of the Er that amount to noise made in coughing or vomiting to surpass champion super engine, power achieves 78KW, 4.7L of 100 kilometers economical consumption of fuel. And F3R automatic edition carries engine of 4G18 of 3 water chestnut, deploy Japan to hold entrance hand formerly from gear-box of an organic whole, acceded already the advantage of item oil, increased the smooth stability of shift gears again.

In this respect, "4 small dragon " medium triumphant jump over HRV, its power performance also commend of always humanness place: Provided the engine of 1.6 litres of DOHCTwin-tec16V of the entrance, most high-power can amount to 78 kilowatt / 6000 turn / cent.
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