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Yue of ELANTRA of score a victory in the first game is moved appear on the marke
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Car of intermediate family expenses is considered as manufacturer take cities and seize territory and the base that establish a brand all the time. Come from Beijing's contemporary message to show, up to on April 30, appeared on the market on April 8 " ELANTRA Yue is moved " , first months of sales volume 11021. Insufficient time had realized 10 thousand sales volume namely in January, this one speed surmounted intermediate car far the other member of 10 thousand clubs, thereby refresh record of sell like hot cakes of new car of intermediate car market.


As we have learned, "ELANTRA Yue is moved " the situation of sell like hot cakes appears on the market to be revealed without involuntary discharge of urine. Beijing contemporary government discloses, "ELANTRA Yue is moved " after appearing on the market on April 8 only a week, already the order that behead obtained 5000 above. And sale of Beijing's contemporary an engage by special arrangement serves store -- a controller that Hua Xingzhuo jumps over also expresses, appear on the market the first week, mere their inn, completed 42 order form.

A new car appears on the market namely rapid and all-time sell like hot cakes, "Is ELANTRA Yue moved " the praise highly that why wins consumer to agree? The comment thinks, this is the result that collaboration of put together of many sided element uses, include ELANTRA Yue to move laugh be proud sexual price of Tong Chai is compared, use the exterior of feeling vogue and more comfortable and ample space, and be based on Beijing contemporary the banner technology that the 2nd factory creats and top-ranking character.

It is reported, "ELANTRA Yue is moved " archetypal car is current in the world sell like hot cakes, obtain the star model New Elantra of international large award repeatedly at the same time, beijing is contemporary on the foundation of a series of banner technologies that have in its, be aimed at Chinese market and client demand, undertook all-around upgrade. Combine newest Europe to design an element, blend in the opinion of expert of domestic automobile group and consumer, final by domestic automation rate is at present top, the platform with most banner technology -- Beijing is contemporary the 2nd factory is made and go out " ELANTRA Yue is moved " , with its the wheelbase of more fluent line design, train in excess specified length, bounty drives the dynamical system that takes environmental protection of space, economy cozily, and the automobile body of meticulously is safe, catered to the demand of intermediate car consumer in the round.

And " ELANTRA Yue is moved " 9.98-12.98 the deal with concrete matters relating to work of 10 thousand fixes a price, be opposite under industry its 11 - 140 thousand yuan forecast, go up to be compared with class model photograph with the market, sexual price is compared is sharp and clinking more. Of course, beijing is contemporary and ceaseless perfect service, the brand that promotes increasingly and comprehensive strength, also be people is without trouble back at home to choose " ELANTRA Yue is moved " reason. It is reported, at the beginning of 2008, beijing is contemporary greeted in succession millionth new car gets offline, 2 factories are formal the main milepost event such as the completion of center of research and development of put into production, 2 mills. This is not only " ELANTRA Yue is moved " technology, character, produce can offer assure, also let actual strength of Beijing contemporary brand be revealed increasingly.
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