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Lead F0 of fashionable new standard to be about to make car new title conferred
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  In experience 7, after the car city August is off-season, car city greeted traditional sale busy season eventually. This brought more confidence to the manufacturer not only, also brought more expectation to consumer. And as small car of a batch of high-quality goods roll out, and of new in September consumption tax publish the consumptive confidence improvement that causes the small car that discharge an amount, analytic personage thinks, this stimulates huge consumer preference to moved in September.

Biyadi F0

On September 2, the new generation small litter that gets attention fully Biyadi the vigor of F0 appears on the market, its thirty-six thousand nine hundred, the official guidance price of forty-six thousand nine hundred, achieved record of case of the market price on the lowest of mainstream small litter, it is the look that attracted numerous customer more. It is reported, this is the small car of vogue of first high-quality goods that appears on the market after the Olympic Games, to all through the ages be busy season of car city consumption " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , biyadi chooses this time also is for loot market undoubtedly first machine.

   F0 product and sexual value are overter than the advantage

Xia Zhibing of general manager of car sale company is opposite Biyadi the prospective expression of F0 appears confidence is dye-in-the-wood, "Of F0 appear on the market, the new standard that makes car of high-quality goods vogue, also lead car market to enter high-quality goods to consume a times hopeful, become what small platoon measures car city to upgrade replacement product " .

Biyadi high-level confidence is to originate the actual strength of pair of F0 product itself. As we have learned, of F0 3 sell a dot to depend on domain of car of its A00 class greatly apparent matchless: Engine of completely aluminous high-powered environmental protection, raise power target outstanding, achieve 50KW/L; The car that A00 class car uses system of suspension of deputy frame independence exclusively, hold accuse gender, stability and all behave through the gender outstanding; Gather together the fashionable car of European design concept and popular element, reflected Biyadi adequately F0 " style JUST COOL, vogue 0 be short of regret " design concept.

The expert inside course of study thinks, the consumptive group of city of the small car that discharge an amount, spend the high price that wait at flying the Yalishi that already appeared on the market this year likewise, newly relatively, of F0 thirty-six thousand nine hundred, forty-six thousand nine hundred yuan of prices have power more undoubtedly, its achieved record of case of the market price on the lowest of mainstream small litter, more highlighted Biyadi's consistent tall sex price to compare strategy. As a result of price of 8 years of raw material rise considerably, car terminal clinchs a deal the price also go up somewhat raise, f0 still can hold to sexual price to compare a dominant position, will special the to the limit of one's capacity that is helpful for its sales volume grows.
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