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The battle of style of litter of practical Or fashionable economy home [graph] c
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  Climb increasingly in oil price those who rise today, economy home litter depends on economic section oily characteristic, had made model of average household first selection. But at present economy car gathers together at 6-8 interval, how should choose, it is the problem that puzzles consumer. Review 6-8 market of 10 thousand yuan of economy car, car style become divided is two kinds: One party is with practical give priority to model of practicality mainstream class A, be loved by right of economic item oil, on the safe side by practical family; Other one party is the A0 class car that strides to vogue increasingly, use fashionable exterior, powerful motive force to wait sell a dot to cast an a ball made of strips of silk to the youth. It is practical triumph, be still vogue loses laurel? We and the Xin Weichi of the Hai Fuxing that chooses practical style and fashionable style, Xin Lecheng makes next contrast.

Hai Fuxing
Economic group - Hai Fuxing

Xin Weichi
Vogue is sent - Xin Weichi

Xin Lecheng
Vogue is sent - Xin Lecheng

  The exterior: Fashionable clique vogue is moved sense is economic send sedate air

On the exterior, hai Fuxing is sedate atmosphere, and do not break period flavor. Xin Weichi advocates contracted interest cruel, and the big mouth modelling of next popularity when Xin Lecheng is used, hyperbole is lovely. Cater to the exterior modelling of youth vogue taste more actively than Xin Weichi, Xin Lecheng, hai Fuxing should mature sedate much, but also there is no lack of to the youth affinity.

   Interior multiplies with the space: Apparent vogue sends economic group dominant position also give no cause for more criticism

On interior space, the wheelbase of Xin Lecheng 2480mm decided it " abdomen is measured " the smallest in making 3 cars; 2550mm of Xin Weichi wheelbase, photograph comparing is old power gallop a few more bounteous on space of ministry of back row leg; Under photograph comparing, hai Fuxing's interior is multiplied with the space most abundant, can sit down easily 5 people, the wheelbase of 2610mm not only as clearer than having as photograph of A0 class car advantage, even if is quite outstanding also in class A car.

   Motivation: Fashionable group power is driving and economic clique economy section is oily

On motivation, move the pursuit of feeling and speed to satisfy a youth to be opposite, xin Weichi exert oneself stresses driving dynamical performance, its 1.6L engine most high-power achieves 87KW/6000rpm, 150N.m/4400rpm of the biggest torque, no matter start,be quickened or high speed travel all has outstanding show.
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