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Happy edition appears on the market Hai Fuxing is stared at closely " old 3 appe
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Element had recently " intermediate car expert " say so that sea horse car rolled out edition of Hai Fuxing happiness, with fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan price the shock comes on stage. To still firmly holds the market " old 3 appearance " nimble is amounted to, Sangdana for, the number one place with its hero old crouch will be challenged unprecedentedly.

Amount to with nimble, Sangdana gallop the photograph of qualifications and record of service of ten compares Chinese car altar, hai Fuxing is a small character generation only. But, hai Fuxing is in wear with oneself actual strength confirm " since ancient times the hero gives a boy " the truth, depend on platform advantage, reliable character, tall economy, hai Fuxing and nimble amount to this to also be being performed to often mixing the good play of altar of decisive battle car less.

Haifuxingyuan is amounted to oneself from Yu Ma classical 323 platform, amount to a lot of advantage that 323 inheritance come down oneself by right of the horse, product quality of Hai Fuxing has very good public praise all the time. And in side of product momentum performance. Hai Fuxing deployed 4G18 engine 74kw/6000rpm most high-power, the biggest torque of 133nm/4500rpm, can assure good dynamical sex. More important, hai Fuxing used MVV perpendicular backset lean mixture combustion, OK and significant improvement burns, improved fuel efficiency. Amount to the two valve before using ten years to be compared into exhaust engine with nimble, 4 valve can increase Hai Fuxing into gas impulse, improve combustion efficiency thereby. On economy, hai Fuxing is apparent a few idealer.

Although edition of happiness of sea lucky star enters town with fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan price, but configuration still is abounded, practical, necessary configuration is withheld basically entirely. Will tell from comfortable sex configuration, the mothball box open human nature inside acoustics of window of 4 report motor-car, CD, car changes a design to go up personally in Hai Fuxing everywhere is visible. The respect is configured in safety, hai Fuxing did not reduce a level, still used automobile body of structure of tall rigid 3H, whole department model all is used suck can steering wheel and can;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink turn to column, the assurance of utmost the safety of the member that the car when collision mies wife. Prevent side to bump into safe clip to sell, protection can be offerred to freely in order to assure door open when flank collides.

Regard a car as the newly emerging force of the market, hai Fuxing is mixed by right of the rich configuration of oneself, tall economy high quality, had had PK " old 3 appearance " adequate capital. But, sea horse also must realise, nimble is amounted to and brand appeal force of Sangdana, and convenience maintenance network these two the largest dominant positions, be not the result of a very short time. Want to surmount these two to be in Chinese car city confirmed " old-timer " , hai Fuxing still has very long way to want.
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