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  On September 16, sea horse car starts his the 6th year to serve an activity continuously " the brigade fall " . And bring into sea horse to serve a brand " blue spanner " after two years " the brigade fall " , also because be in this year " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the service a much-told story that car city writes, make the central point of public opinion again.

Compare with photograph of in former years, roll out this year " the brigade fall " project of of all kinds service is more comprehensive, have free complete Che Jiankang man-hour of maintenance of formula of examination, indulgence, commonly used fittings and things sales promotion, spot is expended 8 fold technologist of car of privilege, sea horse to will sit by turns examine, dispel doubts for user of sea horse car answer doubt. Besides providing high grade, close service for client and its car, there still is elegant gift to give during the activity, explained sea horse car very well " the user is consummate, send sincerely far, " service concept.

And do not say " the brigade fall " roll out this is new round of service how overflow and close, sheet says the new sound that the market causes because of it: After service level has made the important level that consumer can consider necessarily when buying a car, even someone says, the car is good, the service is crucial. Can't help letting industry think for it.

To this, personage of the analysis inside course of study thinks, in product quality difference increasingly contractible circumstance falls, face intense competition, convenient and seasonable considerate mutiple level all-around after service had made a when gain the market important chip. Regretful is, although a few manufacturers saw this, threw one part energy after service market, but the service brand catchword that major firm puts forward or big or empty, cannot carry out thoroughly, let consumer trust hard.

Of course, there still is the company that considers for the user truly on the market. These enterprises build proceed with from the service mostly, change after service method with difference, provide directer, more substantial service to consumer. In reviewing the market quite reputable reputable serves a brand, although the concept has each,differ, but solid hit making a service on the spot is consistent characteristic however. One steam popular serves a brand " rigorous it is care " , sea horse car rolls out " blue spanner " , general " Buick Care does not overcome consideration " , fall the service to real point, become the person that above average inside course of study.

Among them, "Blue spanner " the most successful service brand in regarding home as own car look forward to, indicating not only sea horse car entered new level on the service, more the service standard of domestic car manufacturer was initiated epochal. From " blue spanner " begin, sea horse car put forward first " defend car value, " service position, undertake quantifying to the service first.
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