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Edition of F3 new platinum develops person of climate favourable geographical po
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  Current, car sale company put forward Biyadi to make F3 into the target of 10 thousand thousand models. Car and foreign capital enterprise compare Biyadi the courage of relative superiority or inferiority and boldness, call a person to be one brace up, this let a person be worried for its indeed. So, the Biyadi that prop up sprint ten million what is motivation?

Climate: New consumption tax comes on stage, aid sell F3

After new September 2 consumption tax comes on stage, collected the look of common people, the adjustment of new consumption tax changes the effect that pair of person that buy a car and manufacturer cause is the Chongzhongzhi that everybody pays close attention to is weighed more. Meet an expert analyse by banquet of the couplet that use a car according to the whole nation, press computation of new car consumption tax, outside removing 2.0L the following car, other platoon measures be as high as 2% by the tax rate that raises with the car to 15% , namely when 2.0L above model increases price considerably, the car car price to 2.0L maintains 1.0L to be not moved, this means 1.5L, the car of 2.0L has an advantage more on the price.

Well-known in 1.0L, the interval discharging an amount of 2.0L, 1.5L is gold platoon quantity. It not only dynamical level rudes compared with 1.6L fine long hair color, special also province is oily in the process that use a car, a few 1.5L are newest the high-quality goods car that appear on the market, the 100 kilometers oily cost that like Biyadi edition of F3 new platinum compares other 1.3L model even is lower.

Besides, the car of 1.5L enjoys national policy advantage, take car consumption tax to be able to see quite, 1.5L compares 1.5L, 2.0L the consumption tax of this interval became small full two percent. This is the country stems from energy-saving to environmental protection consideration, enhance function of consumption tax adjustment further, guide the production of related goods and the step that consume and take. This is meddlesome to manufacturer, more meddlesome to consumer. The reduces undoubted meeting to reduce this interval that discharge an amount car price of taxation, bring actual profit for consumer, rise plus the abidance of oil price, the car prospect that 1.5L platoon measures is to value very, be like Biyadi the edition of F3 new platinum of the car, greet the spring of the market again.

   Favourable geographical position: Reside 10 thousand clubs firmly, shift new car again

High quality to a car best proof is sales volume. The circumstance that glides with whole of car market sales volume is multiplied to fall first half of the year this year, f3 can every month sits firmly month of position that sells 10 thousand clubs, such achievement fact is belonged to not easy. With onefold model, f3 from appear on the market to get offline to the 100 thousandth, used 14 months; Go to the 200 thousandth from the 100 thousandth, used 12 months merely.
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