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6 large lead dominant positions make farsighted wing new main trend [graph] city
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  Farsighted ala the ZOOM-ZOOM" with " evolution (ZOOM-ZOOM Evolution) to develop a concept, in be the same as level with "Best Of CD Class(the strongest) " is a target, the brand-new high-end product platform that adopts Ma Zida to be developed independently, this platform is heretofore world the most advanced in one of advanced car platform. Be based on this platform, farsighted ala is in advanced feeling, drive a lot of respect such as economy of convenience sex, motivation, safe, fuel, Jing Su sex had comprehensive evolution, it is the outstanding work of Ma Zida brand, represented the culminating pursuit way of Ma Zida brand.

   Product advantage 1: Advantage sex

In be the same as level car, farsighted ala is had drive out and away stop convenience sex, OK and wraparound drive for " 0 difficulty, jockey 0 difficulty " . The feeling of the person that farsighted ala is multiplied with driving and mood (Appeal To Driver's Emotions) as jumping-off place, it is with the person this human nature changes a design to become a among them to highlight appeal to seek a site. Farsighted ala uses shift gears to dial piece, and new-style human nature changes man-machine interface CF-Net (Cross Functional Network) . It centers of all kinds and commonly used switch on steering wheel, when driving, should undertake be operatinged simply on steering wheel only, can control those who include equipment of computer of drive a vehicle, cruise, shift gears, sound, air conditioning to wait inside easily each systems; The concentration that is located in appearance dial upper part shows a set of scrolls is OK still and miniature drive the limits of shift of line of sight of personnel, 0 move, hand does not leave line of sight of " of the person that came true to drive truly steering wheel " . Farsighted ala equiped radar of around berth car, in the environment that no matter be in any embracing,blocks up, can freely jockey.

   Product advantage 2: Hold charge a sex

In operate side charging a sex, ma Zida by accepted the cacique brand that is car line of business. generation Mazda6 is called the king " that " bends, love by domestic consumer. Farsighted ala is in hold the DNA that accused a respect to hold to Ma Zida ZOOM-ZOOM, richer than generation Mazda6 drive fun, have those who rival model of top class sports to hold charge a sex. Farsighted ala was assembled dynamoelectric along with fast aid force to turn to a system (EPAS) , can offer in any moment aid force suitably to change direction, realized an organic whole of " person car truly, " of applicable to both or all of intelligence of animals.

   Product advantage 3: Dynamical sex

Farsighted ala uses the MZR 2.3L motor before the MZR 2.5L gasoline engine of new development replaces this, MZR 2.5L engine enlarged air cylinder internal diameter and stroke, narrowed air cylinder span and the piston light quantify, the fluidity that sucks vent through improvement will raise the torque of practical area, realize what more linear acceleration feels as accurate as essence of life to answer function then. In new engine aid push, power of the biggest output amounts to farsighted ala 124kW/6000rpm(development is worth) , in 4000 those who send 226Nm can be amount to when turning the biggest torque (the biggest torque of 90% can be developed in region of low middling speed) , the person that make drive can experience " starts adequately when the high speed in " of the feeling that turn a back and " quicken feeling " .
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