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Xin Aili abandons general view of means of settlement of common use problem
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Dragon of iron of east wind snow was rolled out on April 8, 2008 this year the first brand-new model - new Ailishe, price is seventy-three thousand eight hundred yuan -- one hundred and one thousand eight hundred yuan. New Ailishe is brand-new design undertook on the foundation of original model, configuration respect also got upgrading in the round, once roll out,pay close attention to with respect to what get customer immediately accordingly. So for the friend that buys this car to wanting, using the problem that process middling appears and means of settlement daily about this model, also became right now Sai Di follows those old moneys car advocate people cares topic.

Problem 1: Xin Aili abandons a hand to use archives model hanging one, second gear is difficult

Means of settlement: When decreasing archives, the speed with speed certain short of (lower than promoting archives speed) , synchronized synchronism is difficult, with thrust gearlever also can be hanged, operate for a long time so, synchronized wears away easily, hang cheap more and more difficult. The car stops in place to hang one, second gear is opposite at 3, exert oneself to do sth. for 4 archives bigger, because shift of gearlever towards the left needs to overcome bedspring force,be. This is normal phenomenon.

Expert proposal: The clutch when the person that drive shifts gear should walk completely after all, before the car did not stop completely hang first gear less as far as possible. Add glue of the ground mat of outfit, floor not to affect route of clutch pedal pad.

Problem 2: Xin Aili abandons a hand to move archives model to compare difficulty when hanging reverse gear

Means of settlement: Because new Ailishe does not have synchronized in reverse gear respect, so consumer does not hang reverse gear when the car did not stop completely.

Problem 3: Xin Aili abandons model look congener to other model starts quickly slow

Means of settlement: The engine that Xin Aili abandons a model is the motor of used high rotate speed that contains technology of door of electronic solar term, but this engine is in start from time to tome brief defer, so consumer can feel to start slower.
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