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Summer high temperature prevents a car to heat up burning sun of catch a cold
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Often clean engine

If engine is exterior the smeary and overmuch, heavy panel on the component, with respect to meeting influence engine comes loose hot, suffer from to the car thereby " hot catch a cold " leave snake in the grass, accordingly, car a group of things with common features often must clean engine.

Often clean cistern

Burning hot summer, water of occurrence cistern of classics regular meeting is warm the circumstance with the not cool air conditioning inside exorbitant, car, this is the common fault of summertime car, and this one common fault causes a car to suffer from just about " hot catch a cold " one of main reasons, accordingly, car a group of things with common features wants to often clean cistern. Those who need an attention is, when cleaning cistern, should first cistern condenser external plaque is demolished, choose proper point of view to undertake spray rinsing next, cannot openly eject, and hydraulic cannot exorbitant, lest damage the carbon fin of cistern condenser, additional, cannot go to water jet engine is external on electric equipment component, lest cause the short circuit of electric equipment component.

Had better stick adiabatic film

Adiabatic film is OK and adiabatic, prevent ultraviolet ray, can prevent ageing of car interior trim, fade or craze, make your love car is avoided suffer " hot catch a cold " worry.

Burning sun " strong cool " cannot be used

Because the car is washed below burning sun, can make not only the ageing of engine in advance of the car, and still can make the lacquer face of the car is damaged.

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