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Air conditioning has peculiar smell to teach how do you yourself start work clea
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Air conditioning is the summer is the most commonly used establishment inside the car, the hard to avoid after use period of time has peculiar smell, such meetings let become very uncomfortable with respect to the environment inside narrow car originally, time grew an influence to drive the mood does not say to be endangered possibly still healthy, clean air conditioning in time to appear very necessary at that time, if do not disrelish a trouble,you yourself can start work completely clean, provide gymnastics to make us can support a move to you:

Air conditioning has peculiar smell to teach how do you yourself start work clean clean

1, buy bubble to clean disinfectant: Family expenses car cleans an agent with air conditioning a bottle.

2, preparation works: Look for the place with a fresh air, the lid before opening, be in pair of air inlet position that draws an ahead take out air conditioning to lie between, open all car window, prepare a cloth to wait a little while to need to brush an a place with a draught.

3, begin to clean: Ignition, put out AC to use with outer circulation, break the largest wind force, remember wind wanting to be blown to the driver (do not blow towards the foot) , insert to clear lotion next on conduit shakes forcibly, to deputy the air inlet in season that draws ahead enters bubble (gush more or less to oneself depend on a circumstance and decide, can make bottle in season became smooth) , right now the attention gives blast tuyere to be in ejective bubble, prepare to wipe bubble at any time with cloth. . .

4. awaits: Finish above there is wind to leave it alone after measure, let it be blown probably 10 to 15 minutes, put out wind next, flameout, let sewage from the drainpipe leakage below the car, wait again probably a few minutes can see subterranean a big sewage, demonstrative air conditioning is cleaned already success, mount air conditioning is lain between, ignition opens air conditioning, right now ejective wind has mixed air conditioning to have greatly before differred.
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