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More bright more cruel car is used " dawdler a magic weapon " concentration camp
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Be in " dog days " and " a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn " below converging attack, the intense heat of summer is about to launch general attack to us. Look around inside and outside love a car, besides sun film, cool mat these are necessary " cool and refreshing take file " outside, whether to feel return defect what? At present, a few cars that have originality quite are popular with toy, make you beardless and overmuch spend money and energy, can adorn drab journey, ground of idle of gas compose oneself squares scorching sun, enjoy cool and refreshing. Here, small make up for you elaborate collect the following these " dawdler a magic weapon " , imitate melon to peddle people classical peddle, cry out " accurate not cruel does not want money " !

Solar energy is potted: Sunshine giving a point is bright

Recommend reason: Some is inferior when red light, small the look that make up by a cartoon that the stage accuses to go up in adjacent car potted place is attracted -- delicate " flowerpot " in, lively fan wears a lovely floret blade, strong host wags his head, foolish condition but Ju, your whole railroad car fills lease of life. Just know later, this kind of car that calls solar energy apple the flower acts the role of tasting is Korea of at present fashionable, Japan most IN decompression toy, potted to those jubilation not to be pooh-poohed does " dawdler " people for, what compares this to plant " never is blasted beautiful " make a person surprizing more?

Design a principle: Base sets solar energy IC to receive a mouth, want to be below sun's rays or solar illuminate only, light energy is met translate into kinetic energy, drive leaf sways. More interesting is, the floret among still can be taken, become " constant the green plant that observe a part of a historical period " .

The choose and buy sticks person: Each cart acts the role of Jinan sell field and small commodities terminal market to be able to be bought, but quality the good and bad are intermingled. Should choose colour and lustre as far as possible bright, structure is compact. Additional, watch foliaceous root part, the metal props up should compare plastic prop up more strong and durable.

Referenced price: 65 yuan

Lamp of expression of drive a vehicle: Move move finger to come " express feeling "

Recommend reason: The irascibility in old hot days is exuberant, drive start off can be not caused flexibly a bit " road angry disease " . Small make up break out crank then, like if car vehicle also can resemble QQ,chatting, "Biu " the ground lose an expression to give the car all round advocate, can you change anger in smile at aeriform? Ramble recently net inn, discover this originality unexpectedly already by English the swift-footed arrive first. The communication that lamp of expression of this kind of LED can realize car and car -- somebody gives way for you, redound a smiling face; The car is a belle after, cast a leer to make beautiful crazy record; Encounter those who shake headlight, want to press remote control button gently only, the instant gives an expression that distain, too cruel!
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