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Prevent storage battery deficient water to prevent car of summer of car lacquer
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One, prevent mixture gas too thick. Because air temperature is high, benzine flows easily, still expand because of measuring aperture, make benzine discharge increases, and benzine evaporates easily, cause mixture energy of life too thick. Accordingly, should move grain aperture, adjust quicken device and position of connective of rocker of solar term door, reduce height of oily area of carburettor float chamber appropriately, in order to reduce fuel delivery.

2, prevent vapour lock. Burning hot summer, system of gasoline engine fuel lifts easily because of temperature and send angry block phenomenon, cause oil path to be interrupted even for oily inadequacy for oil. To prevent vapour lock, usable asbestine mat separates gasoline pump and vent-pipe, or encase gasoline pump with wet cloth drop in temperature.

3, prevent evaporate. Below high temperature, of oil and water evaporate to will increase, want to build shell of severe gasoline tank, prevent vitta ooze oil, often check the water level of cistern, the engine oil fat face of crankcase, height, density of the electrolyte inside the height of face of brake fluid juice inside total pump of apply the brake and accumulator and fluid face height. When disagreement sets, want to be added in time and be adjusted.

4, prevent overheat. Produce overheat phenomenon to prevent engine, when maintaining, should notice fan belt cannot touch oil, skid in case. Leather belt is spent closely should proper. In travel road timely rest, shady and cool place chooses as far as possible when resting and open engine cover ventilated medicinal powder hot. When tyre pressure increases because of be heated, should jockey drop in temperature, must not drop tyre pressure and temperature with deflate and the method that throw a damp over.

5, prevent " spontaneous combustion " , " explode oneself " . Summertime air temperature is higher, highest air temperature often is in day 35 ℃ above, this makes the fault rate of car oneself also rises greatly. Heat comes loose when air temperature is high slow, the temperature of car cistern the power that because reside,often affects engine, can cause even mix " spontaneous combustion " , " explode oneself " , make engine cannot work normally. High temperature also makes a few components expand be out of shape, light person can quicken a component to wear away, the person that weigh will be burned-out parts. Temperature of summertime road road surface often is in 70 ℃ above, car tire be heated, heighten of the atmospheric pressure inside the embryo, once Sunday run travel, become flat easily. When car instant produces afore-mentioned breakdown, cause traffic accident likely still.
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