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Appear the following carbon deposit of car of love of specification of 6 kinds o
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Many cars advocate it is OK to know gasoline additive its action depends on item oil the carbon deposit of OK and cleared car, if your carbon deposit love a car is serious, can affect engine life, carbon deposit love a car is normally serious nevertheless, the car can appear a few disease, basically have 6 big appearance:

1 . Idle fast shake, cold car is started not easily; 2. Dynamical performance, acceleration can drop, fuel wastage rises; 3. Benzine combustion is inadequate, shorten service life of sensor of 3 yuan of catalysis, oxygen, make discharge state aggravation; 4. The engine oil wastage of engine increases apparently; 5. The service life of gasoline pump and benzine filter shortens; 6. The service life of the engine system spare parts such as sparkplug shortens.

Appear these phenomena can use fuel additive, with interest of demon of American flying treasure additive of 5 syncretic fuel is exemple, it can raise oil of combustion efficiency, item, reduce tail gas to discharge, can clean atomizer deposit, maintain oil path expedite, ensure engine power to be outputted normally. In the meantime, still can keep clear of carbon deposit of a powerful person that take energy of life, the air cylinder actuating pressure that because this is caused,removes drops, combustion is mixed not completely explode the breakdown such as shake, make engine maintains cleanness for a long time to be in optimal job status, can reduce vehicle maintenance upkeep cost, prolong the service life of engine, reduce tail gas to discharge the pollution to the environment.

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