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The brand is worth those who trust a car to maintain should identify accurate in
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When examination embryo is pressed, answer to undertake below cold embryo condition, after jockeying 3 hours at least namely, and the barometer that should use qualification.

After the flying development that experienced a few years in Chinese car market, the topic that maintain about the car and maintains is carried by more and more consumer program. Of 4S inn guarantee time passed, in what kind of inn can you send love car to continue to do be maintain and maintained? Face Lin Lin to always be repaired total car hairdressing, quickly, tire store, consumer rather feel beautiful much look is confused, for this, the reporter visited a few professional public figures inside Nanjing city.

Inn of choice international brand has safeguard more

"Those cars that brand, dimensions is changed repair my proposal consumer preference quickly, maintain network, " come from " gallop add " Mr Chen that sun rises a car to serve store introduces so. Mr Chen is engaged in tire business already having 10 years, two when managing now " gallop add " inn also has 45 years of histories, sun rises store also from just began to be managed only four-wheel fixed position, change the professional tire such as embryo, filling embryo to serve development to be repaired quickly to today's comprehensive car maintain business.

From sell tire to arrive offer relevant car to construct a service quickly, mr Chen feels these year come, consumer is more and more astute. Among them, professional equipment is more " Laoche advocate " people the important level that judges to repair inn quickly to whether be worth to trust. Once had a car advocate, see gallop after the torsional wrench that the place that add store uses, ceaseless Xiang Pengyou is recommended gallop add, because he knows this kind of equipment is very professional, and do not poor because of the price, store of domestic most tire and in building store quickly, won't use also dare not use similar device.

Mr Chen still introduces, with filling the embryo is exemple, "Gallop add " the machinery that what inn uses now is American peaceful gram and material, although cost is not less than general equipment tower above, but quality gets assuring however.

Standardization management is comprehensive

Besides advanced equipment, professional repair a network quickly to still provide excellent service for consumer. With Mijilin " gallop add " the network is exemple, they have special standardization management flow (SOP) , ensure clients are in the whole nation any one gallop the Lidoukede that add store arrives same high quality service. Mr Chen still tells a reporter: "Only tire installs, we are about to be divided into 32 standards movement. The tire safety hidden trouble that because installation is inadvertent,such operation can avoid to the greastest extent and causes. The tire safety hidden trouble that because installation is inadvertent,such operation can avoid to the greastest extent and causes..
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