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How does moisture of summertime weather high temperature maintain acoustics love
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Hour is advertent high temperature is damp. Major now car equiped CD equipment, the element that acoustics of car of the influence at the beginning of Xia Moqiu works normally basically is high temperature and moisture. Because car acoustics installs the upside in dashboard more, to avoid the illuminate of sun's rays, use sunshade board the effect is better. If door window sealing strip is lax,should change, otherwise loudhailer is easy and rustily with attaint, cause main engine of short circuit burn down even.

And monsoon advent humidity is increased, CD disc surface

Classics regular meeting has a fog, meeting generation reads dish of difficulty, best every other is swabbed for some time. If be to change one's costume or dress CD driver, to avoid moisture, do not want installation to be below the seat, had better install the altitude in automobile body, but place of glass of the windscreen after wanting installation to be in, temperature can make electronic component and laser head quicken ageing high too.

Careful tape is out of shape mildewy. Besides CD, still many cars still bring sound in use magnetism. If the catalog above tape signs cock, want stickup good or rip off, can not happen to give the trouble of the belt otherwise. Tape is not being used for long or close when machine, had better exit tape, belt annulus is pressed to be able to pin tape after some tape are put, time grew to be able to be brought about press belt annulus to be out of shape.


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