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Change oil with respect to Q7 of 3 1000 analytic Ao Di upkeep cost
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The most welcome in the entrance model that introduces in Ao Di be afraid even if luxurious SUV, Q7, it has enormous automobile body, luxurious interior trim and rich configuration, it the exterior of bully gas is the consumer scramble for sth that makes a person very much have actual strength more. We often say " it is difficult to buy appearance of vehicle to raise a car easily " , so in in the future maintain whether to safeguard the price that gets on this car to also bear in yours in ability? We see Ao Di Q7 be in what what travel needs in process of 60 thousand kilometer to maintain together below how much can amount be.

One. Keep time character, head protect course of development to reach maintain periodic

The Ao Di Q7 of formal entrance includes 3.6V6 and 4.2V8 two engine, at present Ao Di former plant offerred 2 years to not be restricted for model of the Q7 below the banner the pledging of the kilometer keeps time, inside this paragraph of time your car appears any quality problems can abide by relevant provision to undertake detecting mixing to 4S inn claim for compensation. After buying this car your maintain first course of development does not exceed 7500 kilometers, be in every 7500 kilometers after protecting should undertake to 4S inn car maintains, if with travel of add up to computation of 60 thousand kilometer needs in all,maintain 8 times to 4S inn.

2. Import car head to protect for at one's own expenses, charge of 10 thousand kilometers is 0-3 on average 15 thousand the left and right sides

After buying car, you need to return 4S inn to undertake maintaining first when 7500 kilometers, to respect of this 4S inn the proposal shifts to an earlier date commonly hundreds of kilometers undertake maintaining, do not exceed 7500 kilometers to go again as far as possible head protect. What differ with most homebred Ao Di is, the whole department model that imports Ao Di is done not have " free head protect " regulation, when maintaining first, you need from dig down, model of 3.6V6 engine money is 3000 yuan or so for 2600 yuan of the left and right sides, 4.2 models.
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