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Whole point of view recommends the car that it is love to decorate style act acc
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Bought new car to be able to be decorated commonly, how can install ability after all good, what should install, a lot of people still understand not quite, below recommend program of a few kinds of adornment simply, offer reference:

1, practical model

Decorate a characteristic: This is a kind contracted model design, with most adornment plan of economy is decorated piece the most comfortable drive space. Drive for long, chrysalis rises on the hand child possible still, the dermal steering wheel that holds a softness set, not only feel is good, still can suck sweat; Drive car, car advocate the tireddest be afraid is the right leg of step on the gas, add install a foot to step to alleviate a little driving exhaustion. To woman's bicycle advocate for, had better be inside the car beforehand buy box of a shoe, preparation is made the same score one pair with the shoe, when driving, change already comfortable safe. Go out on the weekend go for a spin, open scuttle, make you enjoy the breath of nature adequately, how satisfied!

If touch,go up bad weather, bilge stays in the car to keep clear of very hard, glue of a ground is handled easily much, and, the price is not expensive also. Will tell commonly, car seating price is lower than car cushion, combine the color of car interior trim, choose a cotton to add the car seating of cloth with soft nap, clean convenient also. Anyhow, economy substantial, comfortable do not hit fold.

Decorate material: Glue of seating of sun film, car, ground, steering wheel is covered, scuttle

Decorate a project: Stick scuttle of film, outfit

2, warmth

Decorate a characteristic: Warmth adornment plan basically is to be aimed at woman car advocate of the design, those who pass interior trim is tonal foil the sweet sense that gives car interior space, from this year the car decorates the prices of the market to look, the series of the cat that add phenanthrene that pink gives priority to KT cat series and rice yellow is the most popular this year car high-quality goods, the high-quality goods set make choice of is whole " arm " go up to the seating inside the car, safety belt, gear, steering wheel. Car window should affix sun film, can prevent ultraviolet ray to be harmed to cutaneous.
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