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Put an end to love car to be in
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Sorching summer, the conserve to loving a car and detect appear naturally very necessary. If where to enjoy car fun adequately while, be kind to oneself love car well, reduce it to be in " the three ten-day periods of the hot season " in get angry? Have the expert of rich maintenance experience, gave out the following proposal.

The 1st action: Prevent mixture gas too thick

Suffer the effect of summertime high temperature, the aperture of quantity of heat inside the car expands, this makes benzine discharge increases, quicken its to evaporate, cause mixture energy of life finally too thick. Accordingly, should move grain aperture, adjust quicken device and position of connective of rocker of solar term door, reduce fat face height appropriately, in order to reduce fuel delivery, because gas mixture is too thick,prevent to cause hazard of drive a vehicle.

The 2nd action: Prevent vapour lock phenomenon

Burning hot summer, system of gasoline engine fuel lifts easily because of temperature and send angry block phenomenon, cause oil path to be interrupted even for oily inadequacy for oil. To prevent vapour lock, usable asbestine mat separates gasoline pump and vent-pipe, or encase gasoline pump with wet cloth drop in temperature.

The 3rd action: Defend benzine, water excessive evaporate

Below high temperature, of oil and water evaporate to will increase. Need a car at this moment advocate check at any time, notice gasoline tank lid wants a lid to father, notice to prevent vitta ooze oil even. To the water level of cistern, the engine oil fat face of crankcase, height, the height of face of brake fluid juice inside total pump of apply the brake reachs density of the electrolyte inside accumulator and fluid face height to wait to want to notice to often be checked.

The 4th action: Prevent engine overheat phenomenon

Produce overheat phenomenon to prevent engine, when maintaining, should notice fan belt cannot touch engine oil, skid in case, leather belt should maintain degree of tightness as far as possible measurable. Should notice in long-distance travel road timely rest, choose shady and cool place as far as possible, open engine cover ventilated medicinal powder hot. When tyre pressure increases because of be heated, should jockey instantly drop in temperature, have the risk that become flat otherwise, special attention must not use deflate and the method that throw a damp over to drop tyre pressure and temperature.
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