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Safe gasbag ensures your safe daily attention to cannot be ignored
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Safe gasbag maintains indispensable

Safe gasbag now is all almost appear on the market of the car necessary. The car that there is gasbag of a safety when sending make trouble reason to fail to open before the Beijing international car that just ends exhibits a gate revealed nearly 10 days in the doorway, caused the people attention to safe gasbag from this.

Safe gasbag just as its name implies is safeguard drives of person and passenger safety, safe in driving, safe gasbag is won't effective, but once produce emergency especially the front collides, it can rise to assure the action of your life safety. So the safe gasbag of understanding and car of attentive maintenance love is an issue that you cannot ignore.

Above all you should know safe gasbag is one-time product. Gasbag is detonated in collision hind, have protective capacity no longer, every gasbag can be used only. Gasbag is one-time product, maintenance manufacturer must be answered to change afresh after detonate a new gasbag. Because the model is different, the price of safe gasbag is not same also. Reinstall a new gasbag to include inductive system and computer controller, need roughly 5000 - 10 thousand yuan or so.

At the same time you notice not to want to place article in the ahead of gasbag, upper part or vicinity even. Because gasbag is met,detonate below emergency, do not place article in the ahead of gasbag, upper part or vicinity so, when preventing to detonate, be cast to be shot by gasbag, harm the member that multiply thereby. When installing the accessory such as CD, radio indoors additionally, want to abide by the regulation of manufacturer, do not revise at will attribute the spare parts inside limits of safe gasbag system and line, lest affect gasbag to work normally; The 3rd, when children uses gasbag, should notice more. Be aimed at adult and at present a lot of gasbag are designed, include gasbag to wait in the position inside the car, height. When gasbag is aerating, the likelihood causes harm to children of in front of. The proposal is children arrangement among back row the position, had secured.

You notice the daily maintenance of safe gasbag even finally. There is the indicator light of safe gasbag on the appearance dial of car. Below normal circumstance, ignition switch turns to ACC position or when ON position, emergency warning lamp will be bright about 4, 5 seconds, have self check, go out next. If emergency warning lamp shines all the time, show safe gasbag system has trouble, answer to undertake maintaining instantly. Lest appear,gasbag is out of order or play the case that give by accident.
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