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The car drops in temperature the product emerges in endlessly love car leaves la
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Weather is torrid, sit into burning sun to insolate the love car below, just like is entered " steam box " .

Of gens having a car drop in temperature " weapon " sadly popular. The agent drops in temperature to had better sell most quickly inside a kind of car, the bases of this kind of product is water of dry ice, bate, flavor. Dry ice is the solid configuration of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is in by gaseous state of solid state translate into when, meeting from all round absorb a large number of quantity of heat, achieve thereby drop in temperature the effect. Carbon dioxide itself is avirulent, can use as drop in temperature material.

In the inn of an automobile articles for use of new city, the reporter saw one cries " Che Liang treasure " drop in temperature agent, 500ml of every canister capacity, price 68 yuan. When using, should be present the gush after its shake up only the surface of chair, after the gas mist of a white comes loose, inside a minute, the temperature of seat surface can be reduced apparently. This kind installs dry ice to having different name with the canister that drops in temperature at the car, be like " car cold king " , " in June snow " etc, every canister capacity is in basically 559 milliliter, some still contains field mint sweet model, citric sweet, anion, price differs to 80 yuan in 60 yuan. But those who need an attention is, coal tub installs dry ice to should avoid high temperature when deposit.

There still is one to plant on the market inside the steam saddle chair cover of buy young fan also can drop in temperature quite. The reporter sees, the buy inside the lower part of this kind of cushion the young fan with a nearly 20 tall centimeter. Need to receive only on the cigar lighter power source inside the car, wind can be blown from back and hip, feeling letting a person is very cool. But because price is higher, one differs to 669 yuan from 339 yuan.

In addition, in many inn still introduced a kind this year " the car is prevented dry special vehicle clothes " , open air jockeys to want to cover the car with it only, what can prevent car internal cause to insolate and arise is fuggy. Ginning outturn of this kind of car " complete model " and " half model " .
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