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The personage comes to the major of 3 big unexpected tricky move that builds a c
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Car advocate: Old Chen Zun rides: Fast vacate

A lot of drivers had had long car by " black " experience, also include me of course. Besides the not much gold damage in bursa, valuable time also often is built completely was in on long car. Then, I use experience of car, long car according to what my come 10 years, summed up the unique skill building a car when be economical is saved again.

Above all, small it is OK to repair oneself start work. Simple car knowledge, should give oneself early take lessons after school or work. Like brake bulb this kind of spare parts belongs to loss to taste, even if new car also attaint of hard to avoid, want you only so careful research the simple construction of taillight love a car, OK oneself buy appropriate bulb, next oneself start work love car is changed, such already leave out the suffering that queue up, increased to communicate with the affection between love car again, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.

Next, difficulty miscellaneous disease should go 4S inn is diagnosed freely. Present car assembled complex electric subsystem and nice mechanical element, roadside spreads out or absolutely steam does not compound a city to be able to be solved some bigger trouble. The breakdown of present 4S inn detects basically is free, so you can run more inn of a few 4S detects first breakdown germ, if a few answers that inn gives out are unanimous, that can decide basically the problem was in.

Finally, ten million remembers heavying repair to still need professional. Wait for the maintenance of the component to involving computer of engine, gear-box, batholith, drive a vehicle, my viewpoint is: Must repair to 4S inn. Cite the case beside me, the treasure of a friend comes, it is engine is a little slight only originally burn engine oil, after the result is repairing a factory to maintain through one wife and children, appeared to hit in succession do not wear the indescribable defect such as abnormal knocking of car, high speed, that friend must spend money to undertake proper maintenance to 4S inn afresh finally, compensate is returned in result inside and outside on 1000 money. So, I should remind everybody here, the breakdown of crucial position, must choose to go 4S inn is repaired.

Be like old Chen Che really advocate be said, build a car or should go regular store undertakes repairing, do not choose not regular store to save a few money, the result was to collected sesame seed to lose watermelon however. Maintaining especially period inside, still had better choose 4S inn to regard the maintenance that loves a car as conserve place, normal technology and the fittings that assure quality, can allow a car advocate people save many hearts.
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