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Maintain well autumn also is stuck to love car " autumn fat "
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The Beginning of Autumn! Be aimed at autumn this special season, car giving love also is stuck " autumn fat " Oh. Can use the time that is restricted to go, maintain well.

   Autumn fat 1: Answer difference in temperature of morning and evening big

Example: Be like a gentleman often is early nearly most go out handle affairs, but the car that had driven 100 thousand kilometer, be not started constantly. Need when air temperature a little a bit taller, ability starts a car normally.

Proposal: Enter autumn, car advocate often should check oil of the engine oil inside engine cabin, brake and antifreeze, fluid seeing oil is enough, degenerative, whether to arrive to change periodic, these oily fluid are just as the blood that loves a car, to change periodic, must change, in order to assure the unobstructed that oily fluid circulates.

   Autumn fat 2: Answer dew much

Example: Of the autumn in the morning, dew is more, car surface often very damp. Still be that car advocate Xiaowu, surface love a car has apparent nick, did not do spray paint processing in time however, make nick place be affected with damp be affected with damp and rustily.

Proposal: Be corroded acerbitily as a result of summertime rainwater moderate rain and of summertime strong light point-blank, hard to avoid of car lacquer face can be oxidized, in change garments according to the season when, had better do to love the surface of the car from clean, polishing arrives wax, a series of hairdressing conserve that seal glair or plated film.

In addition, pluvial frost weather begins to rise more, road surface is wet the attrition that slips to also ask tire can keep enough is spent, if tire surface wears away serious, should change in time new tyre, the tire that has repaired for many times also changes as far as possible. Tire of the balata when the weather is cold also hardens become fragile, reduced coefficient of friction, easy and flat, plunge into an embryo, even if changing new tire, also want often tire face figure medium sundry clear clean, whether does the examination have package of nick, beat.

   Autumn fat 3: Answer spot of the mildew inside the car

Example: Burning hot summer, a lot of cars advocate the condition that makes air conditioning long-term be in excess load to run. Cause air conditioning condenser and cistern condensation net to went up to collect many impurity, clear not in time clean, can shorten air conditioning service life. Cause a bacterium easily, cause the peculiar smell inside the car to create mildew spot.
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