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Outclass of intellectual property doorsill is patent " wind language " decipher
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In the film " wind language person " in, opened the secret of a paragraph of soul-stirring in World War II to hear, because master the language that person of people not of the same clan cannot understand, bear of made of baked clay suddenly clansman wears accept the army is advanced and confidential, be called " wind language person " , because this becomes a war,victorious key is each square place contention. Today, the intense rate the slightest amount or degree that trade war competes is not inferior the real have a trial of strength on battlefield, have as much such a flock of bear are worn of company future destiny " wind language person " , assuming the domain of core technology knowledge in the key " decipher " important task.

Outclass of intellectual property doorsill is patent " wind language " decipher person it is crucial

Be in in be being pursued by the world industry division of labor of dominant of international car tycoon, chinese automobile industry is being pushed increasingly to " make big country " fixed position, market space is gone to by extruding in low end the market, this is not accorded with apparently " ambitious " disposition of Chinese car company. Since 2006, strange luck, auspicious etc wander in low end the Chinese own brand of the market announces to want to develop toward upper reaches in succession; Go up in what just held water Feburary this year steam is own brand project undertaker -- on steam car, allege from take high-end course with high starting point at the beginning, take the development way of internationalization. However, chinese automobile industry is in all along respect of technology, intellectual property " family property accumulated over a long time " fragile, this lets the road surface of their high end face many doubt and hardship. Master value catenary most the land that core part has made military strategist in ancient China be contended for surely.
From domestic car line of business own innovation develops mode to look, the way no more than that acquires intellectual property at present has so a few, be pure own development " fumble type " road; 2 be through establishing a joint ventures with transnational corporation, obtain own innovation capability through technical collaboration " outside excessive type " road; 3 it is to entrust what orgnaization of international independence research and development devises plan " outside sell type " road.
Auspicious development is earlier, it is delegate of model of the first viatic, this kind of way that feeling stone to cross a river reflected spirit of intense own research and development adequately, pay for this however " long, high price " let a lot of later generations look however and go no further, and as the ceaseless development of automobile industry exit historical arena gradually. The 2nd road admittedly risk sex is small, benefit is stable, but in after all technology of how many core can master in him hand, be afraid everybody wants to make a question mark in the heart.
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