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He once wanted to commit suicide for her the article special topic that friend o
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There is a friend to just get a card on jar, a few things thought of suddenly after looking, a few very bad things, be about my friend, not be the thing that produces on myself body, I do not know a person can love so greatly, can love so be indifferent, perhaps have a lot of people very sober face everything what happen, but in me the thing that records in the eye had overturned I all memory. I remembered that accession a kind of animal, seeming is big carve, be still swan? I forgot a bit...

That year she he is 27 28 years old years old, when they had discussed National Day, marry, accompanying man is me. We must come twice a little very much we like same raise team to like to smoke same the smoke of a brand still is so slovenly is mixed optional. A lot of moment we also are to its view so breathtaking consistent. He can come over disturb my single life in the day that is away on official business in his girlfriend. They decided to marry eventually, although I emphasize wanting him all the time,should not plunge so early fiery pit, actually I am very envy him. The house has been decorated, feast has been ordered, all things are already ready. Just waiting to marry the advent that day just.

But, the story still happened, she went, be in in the accident, she went. Left that unit till me, still did not find her body. And that moment that she takes, we are in the spot. Everything of place happening let everybody be stupefied, all the time she very lively and optimistic is so flashy by pluvial embezzle, that momently time seems dormant, I do not know what his feeling at that time is, I feel all round abrupt good Jing Haojing, see him next desperately rush ahead. Subliminal in the leg that I held him in arms, he is in muddy in, the kick with double ceaseless foot is mixed on my body above on the face. Everybody comes up to just squelch him completely, doctor outpace will want to give or take an injection to him when making him composed come down, discover syringe needle inserts the muscle that does not enter him unexpectedly.

Nice not easy gift makes him quiet to come down, I followed a car to reach a hospital together with him. After can you imagine he awakes what be if the first says to me? " your Mom B " is one fist next come over, the taste that person pork sand wraps is really bad. I when holding him in arms for a short while, had been kicked to get fast cut off the gas by him, the person just woke to pause again immediately to me now midnight snack. He went to work the following day, expression is gotten and common and same, still showing the cut on my body and I am joking, completely your boy makes the cut on father body.

" do I think according to your consistent practice you can stand by to look at my expression? Thinking of is you pull me the first times unexpectedly. "

If " gives the time that I ponder over me meeting choice is wait-and-see regrettablly the reason that after you did not give me time and I hold you in arms, I cannot find to let go again. "
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