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"Oil changes energy of life " choose please change his costume or dress definite
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"Oil changes energy of life " choose please change his costume or dress definitely factory
- - - our newspaper and combination of car friendly network are rolled out " safety changes his costume or dress " selection activity

Pursue visit trade without giving thought to " expert " how prove and explain, to average car advocate for, the apprehension that change one's costume or dress still is safety first, be economical the 2nd,

Stay so that green hill is in after all, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn.

For this, the reporter was interviewed be in charge of changing his costume or dress to examine and approve and superintend a branch by the CNG that use a car - - Sichuan province development and reform committee,

Involve safe policy. Additional, www.cheyo.cn of friendly network of car of combination of reporter near future holds combination the vehicle after changing one's costume or dress advocate choose with voting recommend an activity, please already

Changed his costume or dress the car of the car advocate poll eagerly choose goes out " car advocate recommend CNG safety to change one's costume or dress factory " , for wide attention CNG " oil changes energy of life " car advocate offer most

The true, most accurate referenced basis.

Voting recommend an address: Www.cheyo.cn report mails: We16@sina.com

[On one] which does car insurance choose after all? Chinese car friend is met. . [Below one] not

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