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2010 Experience Exchange Dongfeng Fengshen Che Youhui perfect ending
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Songshan, like a long-awaited lover. Into her, the rushing, now is a warm, friendly, fresh, pleasant feeling. Songshan's known a long history, Song of the Yuk Sau tempted many of the literati, the legend of Song Mountain is entrusted with the wishes of the people good and beautiful. October 16, 2010, 2010, sponsored by the Dongfeng Dongfeng Fengshen National Che Youhui experience exchange in the history of the grand opening of the foot of the Songshan deep, as the saying of the first, favorable terrain, steep mountains of Songshan inherently has taken command King of the Quartet of the gas, then the source of Chinese civilization with the Central Plains and other martial arts and the source of profound cultural precipitation, majestic Dongfeng Fengshen Songshan Songshan Gengrang to participate in the Forum delegates were fascinated. Forum of the machine by Songshan, the deputies entered the Dengfeng, into the Songshan, listen to professional tour guide talked about the "Songshan culture," the concept of "touch" the 35 billion years of ancient history.

At 9:00 on October 16th overall, 2010 National Che Youhui Dongfeng Fengshen exchange of experience in Dengfeng Shaolin International Hotel, the grand opening of the third floor conference room to attend the leadership forum for the exchange and the guests will be east China Dongfeng Fengshen Che Youhui Yi-hua, president of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company market segment marketing manager Liu Meiling, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, the market segment market supervision Wang Wei, Dongfeng Fengshen spring shop, general manager of Henan billion Hongtao, Dongfeng Fengshen Henan Acer or shop and general manager Li Guangxing Che Youhui from around the country on behalf of officials and riders.

Dongfeng Fengshen National Che Youhui Easy to wah on behalf of President of Dongfeng Dongfeng Aeolus Aeolus factory on the current brand of Che Youhui planning and implementation of various initiatives made to the exchange instructions from Beijing, Hebei, Yunnan , Wuhan, Henan and other places people have to speak Che Youhui responsible for the Forum site warm lovers, and we speak their minds, for the construction of Dongfeng Fengshen Che Youhui gave valuable advice, the Forum will be perfect in the warm applause of the closing.

Time participants in the afternoon, led by professional tour guides, one of China's four Academy Songyang Academy, Songyang Academy, located 3 km north of the city of Dengfeng City, Junji peak, because the sun is located in the Songshan Mountain, hence the name It is one of four College Song. Songyang Academy of higher learning in ancient China, it should be days of Shangqiu's College, Hunan Yuelu College, Jiangxi, White Deer Hollow Academy and College, known as the four ancient China. Songyang Academy is beautiful and resort to reading. College maintained within the building layout before the Qing Dynasty style, the existing five hundred halls Langfang, a total of five courtyards composition. The first division for the first temple, dedicated to the Dean of the sage and teacher, followed by lecture hall, auditorium orthodoxy after the Temple, and finally the library building. Allocated units on both sides of the original "Neo Temple," Shu She, learning fast and so on. Langfang hospital walls inlaid with ancient literati, and the poet inscribed message, its contents distinctive calligraphy, west side of Qing dynasty Songyang Academy teaching hospital examination room part of the construction.

Cuigai Ferris back packing valerian male, Songyang Academy of General Parker, is the present of the original Cooper, now the survival of the two generals Cooper circumference fifteen meters, about thirty meters, the trunk of a dry lower hole, can accommodate five to six people, north and south through, people can erect by. While peeling off the bark, trunk Longzhong, but vitality. College entrance, there is a monument Tang. High nine meters wide and 2.04 m, 1.05 m thick. Songshan tablet system is the highest grand. Department of Xuanzong Tianbao three years (AD 774) carved Li, Li Linfu author, content, Songyang concept is mainly described as Emperor Li Longji Taoist alchemy Sun Taichong turn the story of nine. Xu Hao Tang Dynasty calligrapher writing. Eighth of the official script, neat handwriting, hard & soft moderate, calligraphy Qiu Ya. Tang and delicate stone monument, in the open air, under, after twelve hundred years of wind and rain erosion, tablet surface is still smooth as new.

Songyang Academy completed on behalf of his party came to visit the Great Dharma King Temple, His Holiness Temple, the temple is one of the earliest, three years later than the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, the Shaolin Temple as early as more than four hundred and twenty four years. Temple of existing housing more than four, the total area of about five thousand square meters. Relics retained many of the temple pagodas, trees and stone, is a must to visit the land of Songshan. Then participants went Songyue Temple, Songyue Temple is a national key cultural relics protection units, located in Zhengzhou Dengfeng City, 5 kilometers northwest of the city south of Junji peak of Songyue Songshan Temple, first built in Northern Wei Zhengguang four years (AD 523), the tower rebuilt in the Tang Dynasty. 1,400 years after the tower wind and rain, still stand tall, is the oldest pagoda in China, but also the ancient tower in isolated cases. Songyue Temple of the contour lines are inner layers of eaves and the curvature of a certain contraction of circular contour Hefeng very soft, tough and full health, it seems that the tower bears a vigorous angry. Brush the white tower through the high red walls towering trees out of green tiles on top of the mountains adds a magical forest shadow.

Visit the Songshan the Songyang Academy, Great Dharma King Temple, Songyue Temple, Songshan cultural delegates an understanding of the dinner organizers orchestrated delegates after the country's largest mountain view live performance of Shaolin Zen music ceremony. Zen Shaolin? Music and cultural performances for large projects the ceremony, performing address from Dengfeng City, ten kilometers west ditch to be immortal, 7 km away from the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Zen? Music performed large-scale ceremony, music and picture together, nearly 600 people in the Zen Wu interpretation of the scene of Shaolin monks chanting, the landscape changes in seasons, directed Mind Zen Buddhist music sounds brilliant synthesis of symphonic Zhongyue Songshan, the Central Plains of cultural tourism as a major highlight. Zen Shaolin's ceremony by the "Water Music - Zen," "Mule - meditation," "Wind Music - Zen Wu", "Light Music - Zen Awakening", "Stone Music - Zen Song" composed of five movements. Water Music, Mountains meditation, tread water line song; mule, Shaolin wooden fish power, wind streamers heart; wind music, the temple bell, mountain Yuefeng Tao; light music, Tallinn seasons, reincarnation drum; rock music, rock song Matsuyama, Zen Chung successful. If the show diffuse into the Buddhist community, the world began to melt all the emotions, the audience immersed in an empty realm, everyone is deep into a light and sound in the preparation of the Zen.

Songshan Forum next morning, the organizers arranged for participants to visit the birthplace of Shaolin martial arts, Zen Zuting, the world is the first Shaolin temple. Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng City, south of the Northwest Shaoshi Shan. 495 AD Emperor Xiaowen of people to settle Indian Monks Batuo, Chile set to Shaoshi Shan Temple of the Buddha, food and clothing. Among the dense forest at the foot Shaoshi Shan Temple, named Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Temple in the Tang Dynasty, are famous saying of Zen and the martial arts world. After visiting the Shaolin Temple Main Hall, the depositary of Buddhist texts, the participants visited the Shaolin Temple in Tallinn, Tallinn, for the ancient Shaolin monk's cemetery, since the Tang dynasties ancient tower more than 230 seats, is the largest in Tallinn, with brick, stone and brick mixed structure various types of Muta. Buddhist prominent and respectable monk died, their ashes or bones into the underground palace, the tower is built and to show merit. Tower height, size and number of layers, mainly based on the Buddhist monks who accomplished the depth of his lifetime, prestige level, to decide the size of merit. In addition to an existing Tang Shaolin Tallinn ordinary tower, a tower and a Song of ordinary common tower, unknown years, offering all of its individual tower. Tallinn is a magnificent architectural complex, both the study of architectural history, art history and religious history of the precious treasures, but also domestic and foreign tourists visited tourist attraction.

Zen Shaolin, Dengfeng approached the Holy Land, Songshan long history and cultural insights, Dongfeng Fengshen 2010 National Che Youhui experience sharing culture in the Songshan perfect tour ended at noon time in the Shaolin Temple Shaolin vegetarian food with joy, listening to Chan Yun, Buddhist items watch the Shaolin martial arts, two-day forum in deep Songshan Songshan trip near the end of culture throughout the country on behalf of the organizers have arranged orderly, said Dongfeng Fengshen, the exchange of experience will not only learn the essence of Che Youhui, also enjoy Songshan deep in the Central Plains culture.

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