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Che Experience: Car DVR surveillance system to buy common sense
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Vehicle monitoring system composed of a number of essential components are: Car DVR, camera, monitor, and transmission lines. Inside the camera responsible for obtaining the video signal, image signal by the video coaxial cable to transmit to the board hard disk recorders. DVR compression format based on the set, the compressed video signal stored on the hard disk. At the same time, hard disk recorders can also be selected by the user separate ways video signal combinations, the output to the monitor display. Car DVR Status Monitoring Technology Car DVR hard disk recorder belonging to the traditional embedded market segments, it is with the digital video and audio encoding technology applications in the vehicle of a newly developed specific products. Car DVR with digital video and audio codecs, harsh environment hard drive large-capacity data storage, automotive electronics, wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning and other advanced technology, the industry on passenger transport, special vehicles, industry and other related fields of video and audio monitoring . Car DVR manufacturers currently use various video and audio codecs are: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MJPEG, etc., of which MPEG-2 and MJPEG compression was low, with less than; H. 264 video compression encoding algorithm has high stream of low, low bandwidth wireless network adaptability and other characteristics, is the compression format used car DVR direction. Car DVR digitally encoded video resolution with improved performance from the CIF (352 × 288) raised to 2CIF (704 × 288), DCIF (528 × 384), D1 (704 × 576). Hard drive shock damping technology is the key technology of car DVR, Car DVR is different from traditional embedded DVR with a special function. Reinforcement of traditional hard drive technology is generally the use of mechanical damping means, the hard disk suspended in a special shock absorber, the shock absorber to absorb external vibration and impact on the energy of the hard disk, make sure the hard disk heads and other vulnerable segments of the effects of mechanical vibration from the outside world. In addition, some manufacturers use the electronic damping of the program, access to external vibration acceleration sensor information, based on the intensity of vibration on the hard disk read and write cycles to intervene to protect the hard drive heads to read and write properly. Part of the Car DVR functions on the basis of the video, added some customization features such as vehicle transport industry: GPS satellite positioning, traffic information records, media advertising and other functions.
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