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Chinese riders to "conquer five continents" the last leg of the team arrived
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China's first large-scale global riders traveling by car to "conquer five continents" activities in North America coming to an end, Shu Xiaofeng, Liu Haiqiang other four drivers driving Aeolus Aeolus H30 S30 and Dongfeng brand vehicles in the 2 two 2, arrived in North America, the last leg of trip to Long Beach in Southern California. After the team members in a simple rest will be left 24 Los Angeles home, and then will go to Korea next trip. "Conquer five continents," traveling by car fleet beginning in October 28 trip to North America, via Mexico City, Houston, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco, arrived in Los Angeles on October 21, line Driving range of more than 14,000 km. Travel, two cars without any major failures, marking the quality of Chinese-made cars to reach very high standards. According to team leader Yu Xiaofeng, this is the first by a Chinese-made cars for long distance driving trips around the world. He said the team went aroused strong interest in the local population, many people in China Chinese driver driving Nissan said that travel around the world wonder, and even said to pay for their cars. Yu Xiaofeng, said the event increased the Chinese people's national pride, while helping other people to increase understanding of China. Yu Xiaofeng, and some traveling by car enthusiasts and amateur photographers in March this year, co-sponsored "conquer five continents," Zijia activities, the majority of riders a warm response, also sponsored two household Dongfeng Automobile Company Car. Yu Xiaofeng, said the event hopes to achieve the dream of understanding of local customs around the world. "Conquer five continents" tour began in May 15, when six drivers driving Aeolus Aeolus S30 and H30 from Shanghai, along the Silk Road, Xinjiang, exit from, and then through Asia, Europe, non- Africa, Oceania and the Americas, with a total trip of about 5 million kilometers. They have so far completed about two thirds of the journey round the world trip in Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United States and other 19 countries, more than 50 cities left a shadow. According to reports, the oldest members of the team of 60-year-old, the youngest 27 years old. Due to time and visa reasons, drive relays will be conducted between the players.
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