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Mitsubishi car rental market, betting investment, Zhejiang riders $ 20,000,000
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November 22 afternoon, the Japanese consortium and the consortium of Mitsubishi car rental bikers Zhejiang Jinhua in Zhejiang Co., Ltd. jointly announced that Mitsubishi will be the domestic car rental companies - car rental Co., Ltd. Zhejiang riders $ 20,000,000 investment round, co-founded Sea International Car Rental Co satisfied by Zhang Xiaolin, chairman of bikers as the original car rental company's new chairman. Earlier, two other domestic car giants Island of God and a Hi have have access to the overseas venture. Thus, the original is not clearly a widespread concern in the domestic industry began to rise. Mr. Zhang Xiaolin, chairman of Zhejiang riders Tencent Finance said that relative to the private car, the car rental more convenient, more economical and more green. He believes that with the improved quality of life and the strengthening of environmental awareness, more and more Chinese people will consider this car way. Not 5 years as a car rental will be the city trend. Mitsubishi consortium's leader, chairman of Mitsubishi small room straight that China car rental industry is a great potential in emerging markets, he values Zhejiang riders car because the company is its potential for an inspection tour of the most car rental companies . The two sides decided to invest a total of from exposure to 47 days time, which is made by the Mitsubishi Foundation fastest time investment decisions. According to reports, the end of 2009, core members of the consortium of Mitsubishi Mitsubishi has begun to pay attention to the gradual rise of China's car rental market, and began to send to China to inspect the Commissioner. Meanwhile, car rental, Zhejiang Jinhua riders also need funds to achieve its strategic growth by leaps and bounds. July this year, Mitsubishi's delegation visit China in more than a dozen cities, dozens of car rental company, concluded that most car rental Zhejiang riders own requirements, with strong growth potential. Zhang Xiaolin, said the two sides throughout the negotiation process, and not too many obstacles, Mitsubishi car hire in the business concept and bikers share a high degree of consistency. He said: "Mitsubishi examine China's car industry, the focus is on three things, one size of the company itself, and second, the company funds, and the third is the company's sense of service." He admitted that the scale and capital in the company cases, the riders than car rental and other advantages of the two giants is not obvious, the real attraction MC is in the rental car riders on the edge. At present, there are nearly 5,000 registered car rental company, and in addition to bikers, a Hi and Shen Zhou, the other vast majority of enterprises are small, the number of vehicles generally have the following amount in 100, it is difficult to meet the growing Car Rental demand is difficult to keep up with the appropriate supporting services. Even the three largest companies, car ownership in 2000 is only around the country all together for the lease of the car, but also the amount of 21 million. In foreign countries, one on the U.S. Hertz has 100 million vehicles in Japan Orix 900,000 company-owned vehicles. "Car rental is known as walking, cycling and public transport after the fourth largest environmental way to travel, especially for China's national conditions." Press conference, Zhang Xiaolin also highlighted the environmental value of car rental. According to him, in 2007 China has over 160 million to the "family books", that is, but there is no driver's license of people buy private cars, these people will generally have a strong car. "If you fully rely on the private car to meet, will give the urban environment, urban management, how to bring a huge negative impact. We've done calculations, if the car rental industry overall level of service up, and people recognized the car, then it we have a car to meet the needs of four families, thus reducing the 3 / 4 of the car, and this low-carbon life, environmental protection and traffic management is a great contribution. "
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