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civilian give a division of park of bicycle of open up of place of 4 Olympic Gam
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Watch the game to the Olympic Games place that is located in Shi Jingshan by bicycle, need not fear nowhere jockeys. Reporter today from Shi Jingshan area 08 do know, will vacate a place from inside parking lot of motor vehicle of Olympic Games place, the program is bicycle place area.

civilian give a division of park of bicycle of open up of place of 4 Olympic Gameses the home of the car

As we have learned, go out for convenient citizen green row, bike of shooting range of Yu Shijing of this v/arc be on the throne's a mountainous area Beijing fire house, UFO, old mountain house and truckle car house area of place of bicycle of the open up in the motor vehicle parking lot of 4 place, but park bicycle 160, still include parking space of 16 deformity car among them.

The staff member says, bicycle place area all is set in the entrance edge of audience buffer or motor vehicle parking lot, proximate place, set technical label and mark line, go to the lavatory to search and enter place. (civil / Qi Yue Hu Xiaoning)

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