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Product of car of 2 quarters China and service quality complain a report
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Recently, net of person of academy of project of car of committee of user of Chinese quality association, Tsinghua, car (Www.che310.com) released quality of product of car of 2 quarters China and service quality complained an analysis to report 2008 (CAAS, china Automobile&After-sale Service Quality Report) .

Product of car of 2 quarters China and service quality complained an analysis to report 2008 (CAAS) (full text)

2 quarters received an user to complain 1654 in all 2008, complain effectively it is 1548. Complain means to basically be network and phone (fax) , complain come from at home each province, municipality directly under the Central Government is mixed municipality. Involve an enterprise to include one steam - Xue Tielong of the masses, Shanghai masses, east wind, on steam is general 5 water chestnut, Shanghai this cropland of car of Ford of general, Chang'an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin is Feng Tian of one steam, Guangzhou, auspicious car, strange luck car.

Statistic shows, of quality respect complain complain in this quarter great majority still is held in gross, produce those who taste the engine in quality and gear-box to complain among them increase somewhat first quarter than going up.

Quality of product of car of 2 quarters China reached those who serve quality to complain specific characteristic to be as follows 2008:

1, this quarterly car produces those who taste quality problem to complain main concentration to be in engine, gear-box, tire, turn to the respect such as the system. Among them, to product of joint-stock manufacturer car complain, always complain in this quarter majority is held in gross.

2, engine oil wastage complains this quarter greatly to show ascendant trend, the answer of 4S inn and manufacturer is engine oil wastage more inside national regulation limits, but complain a car for the most part advocate express to cannot accept this kind of argument.

3, buy half an year to just perhaps was done head protect new car, the situation that produces quality problem is compared on first quarter grow in quantity, basically center in main component (engine, gear-box) on caused maintenance, car advocate the requirement is to remove a car more, transfer or integral part changes, and manufacturer changes for the spare parts more. Additional, car advocate put forward to lengthen fittings or truckload protect character period requirement also relatively increase before.

The analysis makes clear, the following respect needs to remind broad user to notice:

1, after the user maintains car, should check the price of fittings and service project, had saved corresponding maintenance receipt, to the oral agreement that service station offers, had better implement written agreement.

2, no matter maintain,still maintain car, had better make a record, once car appears problem, can detailed car before the circumstance tells maintenance station; If mix,maintain station occurrence dispute, also can serve as a significant evidence, safeguard oneself rights and interests.
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