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Car of Great Wall much money appears on Muscovite car to exhibit at the same tim
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One year Muscovite car exhibits sina car dispatch to be pulled open at 27 days prelusive, car of Chinese Great Wall weighs a fist to hit out once more, ginseng exhibit a model besides already was Russia consumer besides hep SUV, Pika, the much money product of Great Wall car also will appear on a car to exhibit at the same time.

This Muscovite ginseng exhibits the Great Wall create two most: It is to join exhibit an area the biggest, nearly 800 smooth rice, this also is all previous and abroad car the biggest in exhibiting; 2 it is to join exhibit a model the most complete, include 4 cardinal principle are car, MPV, SUV, Pi Ka, add up to 9 products, it is cruel bear, dazzle respectively beautiful, Ling Ao, confuse you SUV, fine praise

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