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Feiyate lends an entrance car return China to search joint-stock do feel well to
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Feiyate friend is much

Feiyate is gotten elegant

Yue examines Feiyatebo plan of model parameter group

On August 21, the Feiyate that experienced joint-stock company failure do sth on a large scale, released 3 prices that import new car, announce return China market. Yue of 3 models rich (Bravo) , get elegant (Linea) and friend are much (the price interval of Grande   Punto) is one hundred and forty-eight thousand eight hundred ~ 219 thousand yuan.

3 new cars, platoon quantity is 1.4L, among them, bo Yue and friend are both sides car more, and get elegant for 3 compartment. Feiyate expresses, the fractionize market that configured 3 models of this company latest technology to be in Europe at present is behaved pretty good.

But the personage inside course of study is oppugned, in the consumptive custom that imports a car at present in China, big quantity and personalized model just are the mainstream, in a popular style imports model general hard with homebred model compare. Because of this Feiyate this act, be considered as the business before searching joint-stock associate afresh to transfer behavior.

   Transfer in order to import joint-stock?

"Feiyate's this locality changes target and homebred plan to was not changed " , feiyate is stationed in China Aerbeilinuo reiterates · of chief delegate Paul last week, entrance car just transfers politic. Advancing homebred in the course that change, at present with strange luck

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