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Crackajack sale network accomplishs east wind day to produce bibcock position
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Success of carry out of produce and sale of east wind day is remarkable

2008 first half of the year, east wind day is produced with the achievement hop of 7740 low confused car city seizes the card on next Guangzhou to measure the first. Go against city to wave red data backside, except numerous however mouth all of tablet " technical day is produced " , the network distribution that its carry plans curtain to grasp and the group force that join numerous of one mind are the core gene of a thousand li of decide the issue of the battle likewise.

On Beijing Olympic Games, the bird's nest that the sea of faces comprises attracts worldwide attention, zhang Yi is sought the director shows a force of emanative of place of all the people of one mind and brilliance to the world. Enough proof, backside of achievement of every arrogant person, it is the group is propped up integratedly surely, same, east wind day produces the backside of sales volume data that gallops tantivy, the striking power that sells a group nots allow to ignore.

  The division that exact position casting wins

Sale channel is the framework structure in overall situation. After east wind day produces Guangzhou market to have rate first achievement to express, it is to have not the sale network of garrulous builds a casting excellent backbone. It is reported, east wind day is produced have 10 to specialize in inn in Guangzhou at present, add declaring in wide Shan road, Huang Bu and Na Sha prepare to construct in the center, predict to will be added 2009 control to 14, enclothe Guangzhou the city zone and circumjacent commerce to focus the land, the laid that close gong rouses closely drops the network that gives a piece of strong massiness.

5 years of around, east wind day is produced by right of year all 5 years of the compound increase rate of 68% , promotion rhythm of 11 new cars and 5 years of 1 million arrogant person outstanding achievement, steadily to push forward of the first group, and while sales volume leaps quickly, east wind day is produced also make great efforts again in the laid that sells a network. To 2007 end, east wind day produces one class site to already amounted to 310, spread to 23 class city through network construction, not only the convenience sex that promotion channel serves to the client, extended the market more effectively, promoted channel cent to sell capacity.

Look from Guangzhou area, 2007, east wind day produces 7 sale success that specialize in inn to already reached the capacity that main competitor specializes in inn 14 times, the integrated sale force of the group sees one spot. Estimate with this to implementation specialized in inn 2009 time times formation potential pulling force, will become east wind day to produce " just plan 3 times of 1 " -- before city took trade of rate rank push forward 2010 5 reach 2011 ~ 2012 year sales volume exceeds 500 thousand strong accelerator.
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