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Shanghai produces TX4 to become calling card of London Olympic Games (graph)
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The TX4 that issues company of Shanghai flower Lun Dihua to produce by this group division -- taxi of Ying Lun Di Hua, in British London Olympic Games will be being thrown to recommend again after serving Beijing Olympic Games. The reporter learns from auspicious automobile group yesterday, held in Beijing a few days ago " the brigade that leads to London " the ceremonially that start, the urban calling card that TX4 is regarded as London Olympic Games is shown, johnson of London city mayor (Boris Johnson) tries personally drove this car.

The graph is in Beijing to try personally for Johnson of London city mayor drive TX4

The graph is in Beijing to try personally for Johnson of London city mayor drive TX4

As we have learned, regard the shift that China of London Olympic Games goes as the ambassador, TX4 swims make one's rounds 12 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, recommend British culture and London Olympic Games on the way.

TX4 has distinguishing feature very much in the appearance, see the British gent hat that high roof turns like cartoon rear, color gives priority to color to move with Bai La, automobile body imprints have " THINK LONDON " " seek London " model of written characters, the ample space that interior has a tradition and human nature are changed trouble-free contractive footplate, can drive wheelchair the car directly. Still add inside the car distribute necessary interactive electron equipment, include video of big screen of two feeling type, the company outside publicizing London and condition enters the commercial opportunity that is stationed in this city to be able to be obtained.

This TX4 is famous in reprint of taxi of British London black namely, have nearly hundred years history. Car of name of this hundred years England will this year the bottom is in Shanghai Ying Lun formal go into operation of Di Hua company, mean England " noble " the brand will be made in China " renascent " . Shanghai flower Lun Dihua by company of civilian battalion car auspicious control a group and British manganin holding company (Manganese Bronze) is joint-stock hold water. Auspicious group is held 51% , shanghai China general is held 1% , manganin holding company is held 48% .

The personage inside course of study thinks, internationalization collaboration pulls Chinese car look forward to went up the hand of the Olympic Games, when auspicious Li Shufu signed cooperative agreement with manganin holding company 2006, this perhaps did not think of.

Before this, 30 TX4 by Beijing head steam taxi company is purchased, those who regard Beijing as the Olympic Games is special with the car. "During the Olympic Games moves, TX4 aroused the curiosity of many Peking Man, want to bar come down to sit " , yesterday, the personage tells a reporter related auspicious automobile group, after serving Beijing Olympic Games satisfactorily, TX4 is received go down to still will serve at incomplete abstruse meeting, and the actor name a person for a particular job that can drive wheelchair the car directly makes its produce bigger effect.
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