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High level of long abundant car says to did not abandon buying bold horse
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Long abundant car (600991, SH) contest buys bold horse to remove twists and turns again, according to Reuter report, after delegate of long abundant car is inspecting bold horse United States to produce base, state bold horse opens Chinese market very hard, plan to abandon buying a plan. And yesterday, high level of long abundant car lets in fresh air outwards, say the company did not abandon buying the plan of bold horse, reuter report is belonged to completely guess. But the personage inside course of study thinks long bumper harvest buys bold horse generally, can stay finally on media coverage only.

Company high level expresses not to abandon not to abandon

Bold horse is the delegate of the luxury in car brand and oily tiger all the time, 22 litres of ~35 rise oil of bad news of every 100 kilometers. The congress in introducing bold horse has how old market space, market personage expresses anxiety.

In fact, bold horse is in the United States the market already was go from bad to worse, bold horse created historical height 2006 after 71524 whole world sells gross, sale dropped 2007 22% , also notted allow 2008 hopeful.

"Bold horse such car has particular market in China, basically be to face good-paying personage, but the amount won't be too large. " the sea connects Zhao Chenxi of negotiable securities researcher to point out, "Car of high oily cost market demand is atrophic in recent years, long abundant wants to open market to be in only craft level and configuration fluctuation kongfu, and this just is the biggest difficult problem. And this just is the biggest difficult problem..

According to the report of Reuter, after long abundant car was inspecting bold horse United States to produce base, because its are oily bad news is too big, market potential is limited, be about to abandon buying a plan. Nevertheless, chen Zhengchu of general manager of car of long yesterday abundant gives to this deny, say the company values bold horse perspective, did not abandon buying bold horse, still be in and general negotiation, bilateral generation is versed in collaboration won't be changed, long abundant is right bold horse " do not abandon not to abandon " .

Guo Taijun installs researcher Zhang Xin to express, bold horse is in abroad already was nearing one's ends, itself of horse of bold of current disposal of goods at reduced prices shows this issue, if grow abundant to be able to acquire the brand of bold horse, product line and technical technology with low price, or still put in development opportunity.

Long him abundant the day is uneasy

The day of oneself of long abundant car actually uneasy, the rate of growth of main source SUV of its oneself profit lags behind at the industry far average level, among them, sales volume of 4 drive SUV is compared only the corresponding period grew 12.05% last year, course of study of person of the same trade is added on average fast for 54.82% , and sales volume of two drive SUV is compared instead the corresponding period dropped last year 17.10% , course of study of person of the same trade is added on average fast 29.31% , highlight sale not do one's best.
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