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Olympic Games torch designs Yao of group group leader to mirror beautiful to bec
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Sina car dispatch associates Yao of group leader of group of design of torch of group vice president, Olympic Games mirrors beautiful to become BMW 5 formally today is LCI car advocate. The love vehicle that he chooses for oneself is the BMW 530LCI of color of an ash showing brilliant. Ceremony of new car consign goes in Beijing Beijing treasure what car sale serves limited company is brand-new 4S inn is held, general manager land Mr Xin handed over new car key to Mr Yao Yingjia.

Yao Yingjia, currently hold the post ofassociate group vice president, china designed job 2005 10 old prominent young people. Associate at was being joined 1996, become associate the first stylist. Come for years, he introduces the industry of innovation to devise an idea in Chinese computer domain ceaselessly, in associate the design concept of the innovation design platform that the many culture since work up, much major cooperates with and culture of mainland of base oneself upon, taking associate industrial design group obtains G-Mark of IDEA of German RedDot, IF, United States, Japan, Intel repeatedly the international country industry such as innovation PC and Chinese red star designs large award. 2007, associate by what he guides innovation design group designs " auspicious cloud " torch plan, participate from 388 show itself in plan, become torch of Beijing Olympic Games devised plan 2008. On July 21, 2008, he attends Qingdao station to transfer an activity as torch hand.

Today, yao Yingjia chose BMW 530LCI to serve as him drive. When the choice that speaks of him, he says: "The glamour of BMW is reflected in a kind of spirit, it is active up, acute meaning enterprising, pursuit is perfect. And as a stylist, need has the deep-seated precipitation of thinking of the creation that prop up, the generation of a good work is the organic couple that should have the spirit that surmounts ceaselessly and each respect knowledge. This and BMW car are very similar, I myself very the design with appreciation BMW classical car, the individual character of excellent performance and innovation.

Depend on those who use feeling, natural and graceful, style is brand-new the exterior, and crackajack motility and nimble drill charge a sex, since new BMW 5 fastens LCI to appear on the market oneself, market echo is intense, sales volume is climbed successively litre, the ideal that becomes elite of high-end business affairs and public figure of success of social all circles drive.

Mr Liu Xin says general manager of limited company of service of sale of car of travel of Beijing Beijing treasure: "We are very glad to associate the car that group leader of group of design of torch of group vice president, Olympic Games Mr Yao Yingjia makes new BMW 5 fasten LCI advocate, appreciate his effort. What everybody sees no less than, olympic Games of summer of the 29th Beijing just falls next heavy curtain, chinese good athlete is the dreamy passion brandish in the heart to asperse sweat in current Olympic Games, show the most wonderful athletics level, with smile and tear illuminate the massiness of each medal, it mentioned sports spirit unprecedented height. BMW and travel of Beijing Beijing treasure regard an enterprise as the citizen, same meeting is ceaseless acute meaning enterprising, go after with masterly craft and excelsior technology " taller, faster, stronger " target. Go after with masterly craft and excelsior technology " taller, faster, stronger " target..
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