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Off-season buy a car to guide buy recommend completely: Most overflow " bamboo s
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Off-season buy a car to guide buy recommend completely

- Fu Hua of reporter of new wall bulletin

"We already cost price was selling! "" price privilege has been close to a bottom line! "The reporter visits Guangzhou each are big agency, face so weak this year city, each are big agency already fell the price ahead of schedule lowest, shine in succession " of " cards in one's hand, in an attempt to can open the market quickly. Consequently, buy the good chance of the car just about right now, this week " Guangzhou car city " will recommend to consumer most the car of " of " bamboo shoot of overflow, when alleged " should move, moving, crossed this village to do not have that inn " .

   Happy wind

Manufacturer guidance price: Seventy-four thousand nine hundred - one hundred and five thousand nine hundred yuan;

Platoon quantity: 1399-1598cc

Academic oil bad news: 6.2L/100km

Privilege somewhat privilege of shrink happy wind still sends 3000 yuan of adornment 9000 yuan

Happy wind

Recommend reason: The camshaft of buy of double top of 1.4 litres of Twin-Tec that Le Feng carries by Germany Oubao company designs 16 valve engine, its are the biggest output power 69 kilowatt, certain power advantage is had in model of competition of the quantity that be the same as a platoon, especially rotate speed of the biggest torque wants early output than congener model 700 turn, to starting and carry fast respect to all have greater help. After Le Feng changes big mouth, a lot of more good-looking. This model also is quite mature, be worth to recommend.

Prices: The reporter is in know from agency of Xue Folan Guangzhou, at present privilege controls Le Feng 15 thousand yuan, lowermost price falls defeat 60 thousand yuan, basic model remote control charges in still can be being given, back a car radar and stick film to wait, approach the favourable range of 20% , and this also is the price bottom line with the biggest agency, even lose money in business is selling, skill opportunity is right now best, passed favourable in July range will possible " constrictive " .

   POLO: Be big quiet stock when

Manufacturer guidance price: One hundred and five thousand six hundred yuan;

Platoon quantity: 1390cc

Academic oil bad news: 5.5L/100km

Shanghai masses is rolled out avoid interest credit service head pays 20 thousand can buy POLO

08 POLO(parameter configures graph library)

Recommend reason: Strong feeling fashionable edition makes work only ninety thousand eight hundred yuan! POLO strong feeling changed brand-new 16V-HLD intelligence logic to control drive system, include 1.4L and 1.6L two engine and car hub changed aluminium alloy by steel, the fuel utilization rate that its advanced rigid structure makes this covers 16V-HLD drive system gets promoting greatly. In addition, each respect of POLO behaves already special maturity, need not go suspecting each respect of POLO function.
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